January 30, 2011

Spring to the Rescue!

Who else if feeling like an over-inflated balloon?

Spring. It’s time to take some important steps as of today to help your body and mind to feel refreshed.

Usually we begin to get back into business with our health starting March or April, when it’s literally spring and February just seems like a looooooooooooooong drag. I woke up yesterday morning feeling like an over inflated balloon, dragging my feet, tired and on top of it all I still felt like eating. I started thinking about how nice it’s going to feel when we hit March, getting a little more sun, and being able to start to take off some layers. And then I thought for a sec ‘do I really want to continue to feel like this for another month or so’? The answer came instantly, ‘NO WAY’! This year my motto is ‘stop dreaming about how great things are going to be in the future and make things great now’.  I don’t know how it is where you are living, but I live in Canada, and I can tell you it’s cold! And I know for a fact that most people in the states have gotten more than their share of snow so I can imagine a lot of people are feeling like I am, so let’s go, start your spring early!

The reason I think that getting myself into spring mode right away is such a great idea is that it allows you to start slow, making small changes and allowing the body time to adapt. Plus when we make smaller changes bit by bit, it’s easier to make those changes part of our lifestyle after and keep the positive patterns you have created. So instead of trying to do everything when spring hits and feel overwhelmed, here are a few things I suggest you try doing in the next month.

Four tips for an early spring.

1) Try to start implementing at least one more active physical activity per week. Spring is about blossoming, beauty and new things so try something fun that will lift your mood. I suggest doing something that will get your blood pumping. We know winter is for resting so since it’s still February keep some calming activities in your schedule like Yin Yoga, restorative Yoga or just things like taking a walk but maybe once per week include something more active to get you ready for the spring so that you don’t jump into a full on active practice too abruptly. Give your body time to adapt and have a smooth transition from a more sedentary style of living to a more active style. Try Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy dvd to get the blood pumping and your mood lifted with the beautiful views in the video and the great music play lists. Mandy’s great personality and enthusiasm will make you feel wonderful. Consider joining a group to start running once per week, or maybe try something like Zumba or Indian Dance with Hemalayaa, a wonderful and beautiful Yoga and Dance teacher. Whatever floats your boat.

2) Consider a detox program. I have been speaking with a lot of people who are interested in detox programs but know nothing about it so instead of dreaming about doing it this year and not following through, allow yourself a month to just research different ways. Get well informed and get ready for your program that you could maybe start in March or April. As you do this, you can continue to eat warm and comforting foods during February all the while getting prepared for your detox program. Seane Corn spoke once about a wonderful one that she does a few times per year called UEC cleanse or with the help of friends you can even create your own home made one and get resources.

3) Drink some tea! Tea is a great way to cleanse your organs, feel refreshed and lighter. Try to drink at least one cup per day. It will keep you warm during the cold February month and start to clear out any toxins. Choose from many teas such as Holy Basil (Tulsi tea), nettle tea or many different green teas. If you don’t enjoy warm drinks explore Tumeric Alive, known as the  ‘The Elixir of enlightenment‘ a delicious drink made with tumeric, mint and much more. It’s delicious and great for detoxifying!

4) Dress lighter and let your skin breathe! This week, Montreal has allowed us to have a few warm days which felt so good, although the first day I went out dressed like a snowman and felt awful. My clothes were heavy, I was sweating and felt suffocated. I went to Lululemon and bought this wonderful sweater that was just perfect for a day like that. In the last week, when those amazing days show up, I just take some time outdoors with my warm boots and the cozy lulu sweater. I felt like I could breathe a little better. Start adapting slowly as the weather changes and just enjoy those days where your body can breathe a little better and get outdoors. Also when you get home, take off your socks, spread your toes and make them feel happy. Give yourself a little toe/foot massage to activate circulation (for a yoga toe and foot massage email me: [email protected]). Go to a flow yoga class and let your body breathe by wearing light clothing and sweat out the toxins!

I hope that this February instead of feeling gloomy and depressed you can find ways to make small changes to make yourself a little happier and healthier. That is what life is all about anyways, making small changes that will make a difference for each of us!

Happy early spring!

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