January 25, 2011

The Voice of a Homebirth Mother – One.

Homebirth Interview & Video with Kailah, a homebirth mother.


1) Was this your first homebirth?

Yes. Although this was my third birth it was my first homebirth. With my first, I ended up with an emergency c-section due fetal distress from a failed induction that was started due to no amniotic fluid which was discovered at my 41 week BioPhysical Profile due to a placental infection. Six months later I was pregnant again and went on to have a hospital VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean.) With our third, we chose to birth at home!

2) Why did you choose to birth your baby at home?

Although our hospital VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) was fine, I knew there had to be a better way out there. Someplace I felt completely comfortable, could be in water, and didn’t have tubes and wires hooked up to me. We’d looked into homebirth with our second, but the $300 copay was too good to pass up at the time. With our third, we decided it was VERY much worth saving up for a homebirth.

3) Were you ever scared? If yes, what did you do to reduce your fears? If no, how did you arrive at this fearless place?

Not of birthing at home. We chose a midwife we trusted very much. We discussed early on what we would do in emergencies.

4) Were the people around you scared? What did you do to reduce their fears?

My mom was. She never became fully comfortable with the idea although she did accept it. I gave her the facts about homebirth vs hospital birth and what finally got her to accept the homebirth was realizing that VBAC’s (vaginal birth after cesarean) have changed a lot since she had her children 20 years ago. I showed her how we didn’t make the decision on a whim and she respected that.

5) For women considering homebirth, what advice or words of wisdom can you offer?

Trust your instincts. Put together a great birth team of people you really trust and can lean on. Doulas are great not just for labor but for the days and weeks leading up to labor. A big reason to homebirth is not for the birth itself, but the postpartum. Being at home instead of in a hospital those first few days is HUGE.


This video shows Kailah giving birth to her baby at home. Please note that Kailah has graciously opened her heart and voice to share with you in order to create understanding and awareness of homebirth. You may leave a comment below that honors Kailah and her family as well as the gift she has given to all of us to witness her beautiful experience.

Would you like to help normalize homebirth?

The Normalizing Homebirth Project Inc has been formed in order to meet the needs of women who are choosing to birth at home and/or would like to birth at home. Our mission is to support families with one-to-one mentoring, homebirth circles for social and emotional support as well as need-based financial assistance for families who need it. Join today! It is only together, uniting our voice and hearts, that positive change can be made so that all choices in childbirth are honored and supported.

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