Christ As The Feminine~ February 9th.

Via Benjamin Riggs
on Feb 9, 2011
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Meister Eckhart On The Feminine Dynamics Of Christian Spirituality…

“It is good for a person

to receive God into himself or herself

and I call this receptivity the work of a virgin.

But it is better

when God becomes fruitful within a person.

For becoming fruitful as a result of a gift

is the only gratitude for the gift.

I call such a person a wife

and in this sense the term wife is the noblest term

we can give the soul,

it is far nobler than virgin.

Each day

such a person

bears fruit a hundred times

or a thousand times

or countless times,

giving birth and becoming frutiful

out of the most noble foundation of all.”

~from Meditations With Meister Eckhart by Matthew Fox

Fr. Thomas Keating explain how this feminine principle of receptivity or openness to God makes us equal to God…

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4 Responses to “Christ As The Feminine~ February 9th.”

  1. BrotherRog says:

    i'd typically say that, "in Christ, there is no east nor west, male nor female, Hebrew nor Greek, slave nor free, etc." … but, this suits me just fine. Moreover, to stir the pot just a tad more, i'd say that doing yoga — which allows me to practice balancing my masculine and feminine energies — helps me sense my union with the Divine… by whatever name we call Her. : )

  2. Diane D'Angelo says:

    meh. Still reeks of Judeo-Christian duality.

  3. TamingAuthor says:

    What does that mean, Diane? Is that a bad thing? Is not all of creation duality? Here and there? Then and now? Black and white? Light and dark? Spirit and body? I get confused when people speak about duality as though it is not actual.

  4. BrotherRog says:

    i'm with Taming on this one. Granted, the Gnostics went over-board with their over emphasis upon rigid dualisms, but gnosticism was ruled a heresy. It isn't Christian. That said, there are some rather obvious dualities the exist. Heck, yoga often focuses upon helping people balance their feminine and masculine energies. Buddhists have a dualism in non-attachment and attachment. and so on…