Don’t Just “Do,” Ask Why

Via Bethany Eanes
on Feb 24, 2011
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I just came back from a yoga class and breakfast with my trusty neighborhood psychic. (Is my LA showing?) I have not written this blog for a few months. When I first asked Elephant Journal if I could have a blog, the response was “Yes, but the only real requirement is you post regularly.” “No problem,” I said, “I’m a freelance writer!”

So there went the first two blogs on the topic I chose, the one most familiar to me, the area of my expertise: online marketing. And then I promptly stopped blogging. Which brings me back to my breakfast/psychic reading. My friend and perceptive counterpart said to me, “If you don’t start something with clear intention, it is destined to fail.”

What was my intention with starting a blog here about marketing your yoga business? Well, it was going to be easy for me since I knew all about the topic. It was also possibly going to gain me some exposure and, just maybe, some new clients. But I wasn’t really passionate about the topic. I was not starting out in clear intentions. I was doing what seemed to make sense. What fit. What had a natural “angle” that worked considering my expertise. But it wasn’t what I loved.

What do I love? I love yoga. I love mindful living. I love the realization of the divine in me and in you. I love knowing this world is heading to a better place because of folks like us, the yogis and mindful livers, and the strength we possess. I think about it all the time. I write about it on my personal, “friends and family” blog. Yet, for some reason, I wasn’t willing to share it with Elephant Journal readers. Until today.

Instead of just “doing” a blog on online marketing tools for yoga businesses, I decided to stop and ask “why?” Once I had that answer, the next step was illuminated: “Don’t do it.” What should I “do” then? And again the question of why? Why do I want to blog here? Because I want to think that my story, which is actually a pretty interesting one, may make a difference, may be of help, may inspire and console someone out there on the Internet. So now I know why, and only now is it time to “do.” Stay tuned for the real story.


About Bethany Eanes

Bethany is a yoga teacher and wellness writer in the Pasadena area of Los Angeles. She is proud to serve as Elephant Los Angeles's Community Ambassador, where she is actively building a local community of EleJ lovers. She studies with Julie Rader at Mukti Yoga School, and, when she's not reading about yoga, talking about yoga or writing about yoga, she enjoys cooking, hiking and adopting pets ... too many pets. More at


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  1. Hi, Bethany. Sounds like a great insight. We'll look forward to the next blog.

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