February 24, 2011

Feel. Acknowledge. Express. Set Your Self Free.

A short but sweet guide to a happy life.

Many of us on this great earth are living without feeling, without acknowledging the vast range of our emotions, without expressing the vast range of our emotions, and without setting free the vast range of our emotions. Without setting free our feelings, we force ourselves to be stuck in a life of mediocrity, of boring predictability – truly not even a life!

I did this. For many years, I refused to acknowledge and express the vast range of my feeling. I repressed and ignored most of my pain and discontent. I did this in order to fit in, to please others and paid a great price in return for the quality of my life. Because I wasn’t able to express myself fully and completely, I wasn’t able to express and live my greatest joy, peace and love! My journey to self expression and self knowing is documented in my book, Blessed Womb.

It is time for us, each one of us, to begin to learn to love and respect ourselves. We do this by noticing ourselves. We notice and acknowledge our deepest feelings. We allow them to be expressed in healthy ways. Upon doing this, we have set ourSelves free. We live with the peace of knowing we have found our authentic nature, our feeling nature, our loving nature. And together, our future will be filled with love. We will love each other. Feel. Acknowledge. Express. Set Your Self Free.

What do you feel?

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Read 14 comments and reply

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