I Just Opted Out of Receiving the Yellow Pages, and You Can Too.

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on Feb 2, 2011
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The New Phone Book is Here! The New Phon by cogdogblog, on Flickr

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If Dex “knows” so much, then he should know that nowadays, most of us have the internet…

So, why are we still receiving these giant volumes of paper-waste that we’re either going to toss right into the recycling, use as doorstops or makeshift booster chairs? The answer to that is so far beyond me that I can’t even fathom a logical response. But while there may not be an answer as to why these things are still being produced, there is now a solution for those of us who would like to do our part to rid the greater population of this minor annoyance that continues to cause major damage to the environment.

It’s called yellowpagesoptout.com, and it gives the consumers the choice to receive only the directories they wish to receive or, better yet, to opt out of receiving any of them all together. Yes, it does involve a semi-bothersome registration process (because all online registration processes have a way of getting even the most patient and mild-mannered of our goats), but the burden of signing up is just a tiny price to pay to be free of the shackles of this giant, extraneous book. The plot isn’t even that good anyway.

Give it a go! And tell all your friends! Who knows, if enough of us opt out, maybe the people who make the Yellow Pages will opt out too.


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5 Responses to “I Just Opted Out of Receiving the Yellow Pages, and You Can Too.”

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  2. Don says:

    Thanks for the link, I just received my latest copy and couldn't help but feel this was a colossal waste of paper and energy.

  3. Miz James says:

    Has this site been vetted by anyone at EJ? I signed up on a site like this last year (I am not sure if it was this site, or another site, either way it /looked/ legitimate) and still received ALL the phone books I normally do. Looking at this site I can't help but thing this could be a clever ploy to gather home and email addresses for marketing purposes.

    Can anyone verify this site does what it says it does?

  4. René Cousineau says:

    Miz James, I was given the task of writing this blurb, so I got online and did the registration myself beforehand. I have yet to receive any spam from them. The yellow pages had still not been sent to my house by the time I opted out, but I may not have done it in time to squelch the delivery. So, as of now, no phone books on my doorstep, but we'll see if it stays that way and I'll keep you posted.

  5. Leana Sinatra says:

    Thanks for this post. It's worth a shot. With my latest delivery going straight to the recycle bin, I was just wondering to myself why these wasteful dinosaurs are still delivered to my house.