The car chase I entered into to save a dog’s life.

Via Jennifer Young
on Feb 11, 2011
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The little black thing springing between cars.

I was driving down Mont-Royal street in Montreal getting ready to run some errands, when I spot far in front of me this little black springy thing shooting down the street and jumping between cars. I can’t quite make it out yet and as my eyes focus I come to the conclusion that it’s a little dog, running like there was no tomorrow. My heart starts to race as I see him swivel between cars, nearly getting hit each time. The light is red as I sit in my car and I start freaking out in my mind saying to myself ‘come on you stupid long light, would you just turn green so I can go save that dog’. Finally the light turns green and I floor it; the car chase begins. I just keep telling myself, I can’t let him get hit, I have to catch him.

People are driving really slow, and I am really getting impatient. I am following the person in front of me just a few inches behind as I keep my eye on the dog. With adrenaline running, I am not even paying attention to the people or cars around me, I have a target and I am getting to it.  The dog meets an intersection where cars are just flying both ways, and he continues his run, just making it between the cars. During this time I must have hit another 3 red lights. Swear words are flying through my mind and I just want to get to the dog!!! During this time his owner is running for him down the sidewalk, and looks discouraged, the dog is running five times faster than him. He looses sight of his dog.

I finally make it through the intersection where the dog runs into a parking lot, but I have lost sight of him. I am panicking. I spin around the parking lot like a mad women twice. I spot the dog, slam on the breaks in the parking lot, jump out of my car leaving the door open, my purse on the front seat and take a run for him. This is my only chance to catch him, and bring him safely in my car and back to his owner before he gets killed. As I run to him, he looks at me and takes another run for it, even faster than before, going back the same way he came. Yup, right back through that intersection. He makes it through again, cars swerving, slamming on breaks. Again, I floor it to try to catch him again. The owner still running notices his Boston Terrier coming towards him, but the dog doesn’t stop. He flies right by him and keeps going. I continue driving like a crazy women to catch him, now starting to realize I am becoming a danger to people on the road. I loose sight completely of the dog, and he is no where to be seen. All I see is his owner, still running, beads of sweat running down his beet red face.

I finally park my car and take a few breaths. I have anxiety just thinking of what could happen to him. I tried, I really tried! I wish I could have saved him, and on this valentine’s weekend I am sending all my love to this little dog, only hoping that his owner found him and was able to bring him home safe and sound.


About Jennifer Young

Jenn is a Hatha Yoga teacher, yoga therapist and founder of her company Yoga Life based in Montreal. She has been practicing Yoga since 2002 and it has become a lifestyle for her, a way of appreciating everything she encounters in her life as an opportunity for learning. Her generosity is reflected in everything she does. Her priorities in life, along with Yoga are her family and friends. They are what create all the love, laughs and life around her and this is where she focuses most of her energy. Jenn has a profound love for nature and life’s simplicities and these two things are strongly reflected in her personality. What she believes we should learn through yoga... Love life everyday, laugh, relax, be authentic, cherish the people you love, be generous, take time to have fun, be responsible, take care of yourself, and most importantly Be An Active Participant In Your Life!


4 Responses to “The car chase I entered into to save a dog’s life.”

  1. Natacha says:

    You are the image of me, I would have done the same thing… I hope for this little one too that he/she is ok…

  2. Urgh. The little piece of shit! Wish you had caught him to give him a piece of your mind! The question I have though is WAS HE ON A LEASH? I'm so sick of seeing "coolios" walking down the street with their dogs of the leash! Yes your dog listens to you UNTIL a cat crosses the street! What about if a squirrel shows up unexpectedly -as they tend to do- and your dog goes for it? My friend Denis warned me when I got my Schnoodles: "Cars are pretty much the only enemy your dogs have" and I believe him. It's our duty as fur-parents to keep our little stinky sweethearts safe.

  3. divineyoganista says:

    Yes Babe; it's me 🙂

  4. Though so :). Recognized your strong love for animals!
    Miss you!