We Are Wisconsin.

Via Emily Nuchols
on Feb 23, 2011
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Wisco solidarity!

“We have a governor who is supposed to be for the people. That tells you the only thing you can negotiate is your wages. No kind of working conditions can you negotiate. How can you wake up every morning and feel good about the job you enjoy doing?

If Governor Walker was a fair governor, he would have said these are the things I want and would like to do and been out in the open and then he would have brought people to the table to negotiate those things. That’s the American way.

Watch this video. What happens in Wisconsin will affect the nation. Speak up for Wisconsin. Speak up for yourself!

Thanks to James Edward Mills of The Joy Trip Project for tipping me off to this powerful film by Finn Ryan.


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An eco warrior obsessed with traveling and promoting conservation, Emily is the co-founder of Under Solen Media and the team's go-to girl for everything non-profit and environment related. Armed with a B.A in Environmental Journalism from Western Washington University, she has spent the last few years on the frontlines of conservation efforts, working to save Pacific Northwest wild salmon and restore flee-flowing rivers. When she’s not talking or writing about the environment, she’s out exploring it, and is known to seek out places where she can get in a good morning yoga session or trail run.


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  2. Sophia says:

    Stay united! Tune out what the media says and march forth. If the bill passes other opportunities in the guise of disaster will appear. Its times like this that can serve to bring people together. Blessings.

  3. LasaraAllen says:

    Thanks for sharing. We need to tune in, and offer our support.

  4. TamingAuthor says:

    Oh my, the propaganda just keeps on rolling.

    I worry that we have a generation that cannot move past emotional appeals and distorted media propaganda. A generation bending over before union corruption and radical activists (i.e. organizers) whose own manual promotes deception and corruption, a group whose own manual salutes Lucifer and promotes a path that has always, without exception, ended up in the ruin of civilization with piles of dead bodies and widespread poverty and hunger.

    What is it about this generation that cannot think through cause and effect, that cannot research and discern deception and corruption, that is willing to sacrifice all in the pursuit of fantasy slogans that were outdated when Stalin used them? There are some very hard times ahead for those who insist on bending over when corrupt union leaders speak.

    Please do not let these radical activists lie to your face. It makes much less of you than you truly are. Do not allow them to laugh behind their backs at your naivete. Don't set yourself up for that morning when you look in the mirror and recognize that you been had, you been the sucker.

    • Radical activists? These are fire fighters, police offices, teachers and street maintenance workers. These are my friends and neighbors people who only want to keep the right to fairly negotiate the terms of their professional lives. Governor Walker and his administration want to take that way. These are the only jobs left in the U.S. that can't be exported overseas. If we're going to rebuild the economy of this country with fair wages and safe working conditions we must support united labor.

  5. TamingAuthor says:

    Follow the money. Forget the catchy signs and investigate the facts… Who has skin in this game? Are you supporting corrupt insurance companies and not "the cause"?

  6. Middle Path says:

    Follow the money …. all the way to the government, to public employee unions, and to the democratic party. Seriously, do you think the money at issue in Wisconsin is going to Iran, Iraq, or the nebulous "banking systems" (whatever that refers to)?

  7. TamingAuthor says:

    In all such negotiations, one must lay out the basics. What is at stake? This is a conflict-of-interest situation. No one, who knows what is happening, would agree to the paradigm the public sector unions have set up. Most people, if they really thought about it, would realize the model is corrupt.

    Here's how it works:
    The state withholds compulsory union dues. (The worker has no choice in the matter.)
    The union dues are given by the state to the union.
    Union bosses (not workers) use those dues to support politicians they choose. (Workers do not have a choice.) Almost exclusively those politicians are Democrats.
    Politicians beholden to the unions then sit across the negotiating table from the union bosses.
    The politicians give the union bosses what they want, paid for by the taxpayer (who usually has no choice).
    Unions pay the politicians who sit across the table from them using taxpayer funds. (Obvious conflict of interest.)
    Eventually, the taxpayers can no longer afford the price of the conflict-of-interest negotiations.
    Taxpayers revolt and gain a seat at the table by electing someone who will end the conflict of interest model.

    This is not about fire fighters. It never has been. That is typical UNION DECEPTION.

    The unions, using deceptive means and relying on conflict-of-interest negotiation soon become seen as corrupt. As thugs. As gangsters trying to ruin the country. People want to level the playing field. The unions, accustomed to back room deals will use deception and violence (the tools of gangsters) to impose their wishes on the public.

    Think about it for a minute. If two parties collude to take your money and split it among themselves, and they want to continue to collude and take your money every year, and they want you to agree that you have nothing to say about it, do you go along? Of course not. You would say, hell no, that's not fair. You would at least want to sit at the table every year and determine what happens to your money. You would not agree to let your money be taken by those who collude. That is all that is happening here. It is not about firefighters.

    • 13thfloorelevators says:

      The union system is severely flawed, but that fact does not implicate the proposals of Walker. There are other contract options; public universities, for example, use them all the time.

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  9. dan says:

    http://bigthink.com/ideas/31336 says that Think Energy not the Kochs are awaiting their shot at a WI energy monopoly.

    Sad that after an incompetent unaccountable SEC, unaccountable AAA fraud, the National Guard on the other side of the world etc etc etc, people are still stuck on a union canard, supporting inequality in the name of freedom.

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