Go Daddy CEO hunts elephants: video.

Via elephant journal
on Mar 30, 2011
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Good, god. Bored rich white men pretending to care about farmers, while pretending to be men. Men protect. Men find solutions. Men don’t entertain at the expense of others.

Elephants are scheduled to be extinct in the wild in less than 10 years, now. There are many groups working to solve elephant/farmer relations—most problems result, of course, from human encroachment on what little wild is left.

PETA’s letter, and Parson’s response, including:

“I understand that your heart is the right place, but you simply don’t have the facts. I’ve been over there six times now and work hard to help the farmers and villagers. The meat they get from the few elephants we take (which were in the process of destroying their crops) is literally the only protein they get. It’s not like the USA where one can drive through a McDonald’s.”


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10 Responses to “Go Daddy CEO hunts elephants: video.”

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  2. Allen says:

    Parsons should have taken the $$$$ he spent on flights, guns, ammo, and camera crew and fed the village MUCH more food over a much longer period of time.

    He acts like this was the only way to save the village….what a joke.

    Aren't elephants on the endangered species list? Parsons is definitely NOT.

  3. Colin Wiseman says:

    Elephants as a whole are on the endangered list. We have stupidly hunted them for what is essentially trinkets. However in this region the population of elephants has exploded by 75%. Unfortunately because of this and because of nature reserves and fencing elephants have become a nuisance and pest to the local farmers – trampling crops, destroying homes. It's not the elephant's fault, nor is it the farmer's fault. The farm has most likely been there for generations.

    What's the solution? Well currently it's to do what Bob Parsons did.

    But he was personally wrong to do it. He also shouldn't have taken pictures or boasted about it. And you are right, he could have put his hand in his pocket and done so much more. A long term solution is to break down these reserves and produce what I think they are calling Mega Reserves, as elephants need to the space to roam.

    It's a shame the elephant had to be killed, but would it have been worse for the farmers in the region had the elephant destroyed a full years crop?

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Tamarah Ruesch Rosen How about Good bye Daddy….

    Anne Marie Bass I know. How gross!

    Laurie Pentell OMG!!! I once used Go Daddy but am now SO GLAD TO BE GONE, DADDY!

    Nicole A Grant Bennett Yuk!!!

    Cheryl Townsend Outrageous..cruel..wrong dippy daddy ceo needs to GO!!! Fire him, fine him, I would like to do to him what the people did to the elephant.. I could not b/c that would make me no better than him…just heartbreaking…

    Angie Townsend Telford Evil, self-serving, self-absorbed, overcompensating for shortcomings, stupid, man.

    Anita M. Burke go daddy will never get another penny from me and I am working hard today and tomorrow to migrate all of my websites from their system… assh*le.

    Shane Wells Wow. I hope this video goes around the world and everyone who is spending money with GoDaddy and has any common decency will find another site that meets their needs. I mean, seriously? Killing an animal that is almost completely exinct is his best solution for keeping them from eating crops? What a jackass!

  5. elephantjournal says:

    There's organizations that train elephants, using elephants, to avoid farms. There's plenty of other solutions. The guy's having fun, let's face it, and using the farmers as an excuse to do so. If he really cared about them, he'd be involved in their lives. Maybe he is, and if so I'd write a followup. But this seems to be like an excuse to be macho.



  6. Colin Wiseman says:

    Yeah fully agree! He was being a dick!

  7. DocHeather says:

    Thanks for spreading the word. I've gotten a strong response from Tweeting about it.

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  9. Nathan says:

    I'm late to this, but my feeling is that the knee-jerk reaction — this guy is just a macho, gun-toting, anti-elephant, whatever — is really misplaced. We — as environmentalists — have to be careful about demonizing stuff like this. We look naive and silly. Apparently, this is something that Parsons does on a regular basis (his third year, as he states in the video), but he decided to publicize the activity this time. So, he likely hunts for sport, is there anything inherently immoral in hunting? Not likely, though I understand there are people who believe so (just as there are people who believe that violence is always immoral). I happen to think they are wrong. Is there anything inherently immoral in hunting for the purpose of eradicating a nuisance? This would take a radical prohibition against violence, one that would be so counter-intuitive as to demand a fairly strong argument in its favor. Is there anything wrong in enjoying and publicizing an otherwise moral act? Excuse me, Mr.-hypocritical-says-what?

    I think we're barking up the wrong tree here.