Jon Stewart: General Electric? A**holes.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 30, 2011
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GE? American business leaders (forget that moving-jobs-overseas stuff). Give ’em a tax break! Howwabout no taxes at all? Howwabout…tax benefit? Negative 60%!?

Police Officers, teachers, firefighters? Not heroes…parasites.

PS: this story originated with the NY Times, which just launched its paywall. Props!

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3 Responses to “Jon Stewart: General Electric? A**holes.”

  1. TamingAuthor says:

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

    He almost made it clear what was happening. Almost, but Stewart dare not insult his regular audience by walking the story all the way out with all the details, like say, a Beck would do.

    Here's the problem. GE, who he points out paid no taxes, is the company that owned MSNBC until just recently, bringing you all the news that Elephant visitors view. The Olbermann's, the Maddow's, et al were on the payroll of Immelt.

    And MSNBC and NBC were unapologetic shills for Obama the entire time. That entire time Immelt was a White House adviser, as we see in this clip. Conflict of interest. GE executive sits in White House in the day and brings "all the news Elephant sees fit to repeat" to us at night. He gets perks from Obama by day and then promotes Obama by night. That is called corruption.

    (And Elephant readers run around screaming how evil the corporations and Bush administration were, while sleeping through this much more obvious scam.)

    What does GE get for its troubles (beyond tax breaks)? It gets to control energy policy to fit with its marketing strategy. This is called crony capitalism. This is the point at which government, moving beyond constitutional boundaries, becomes so large it can pick the winners and losers and one finds corruption skyrocketing.

    At this point Stewart, not being as smart as he thinks he is, gets the story wrong. He points to the workers in Wisconsin and the bad corporation GE and Obama kissing Immelt's bank account, and laughs at the claims that Obama is a Marxist socialist.

    Not so fast. Hold the mockery. This is exactly what Marxists have done throughout all of history—those movements all start with an unholy alliance between big government and big business. They all start with a version of crony capitalism. (And many, like the Soviets-become-Russians stay there… take a look at the Russian oligarchs.)

    The Marxists (the real living ones) could give a damn about the workers. It has always been and always will be about a small elite taking over the power of government (with the help of a few selected GE's). It is always the opposite of the slogans. It is always about deception. (The official logo of the Fabian Socialists—see Soros for an example—is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Deception is their standard mode of operation per their own logo.)

    So, when you see the GE story, make sure you realize GE has been Elephant's primary source of news for the past three years. Realize you been living the lie. You been had. Scammed. Deceived. This is about GE and Obama working the standard Marxist deception.

    The protests in Wisconsin are not about unfairness to the workers. They are doing fine, thank you. It is about international socialists causing civil unrest using deception to pull off a power grab. Beck and the Tea Party who are mocked regularly on the pages of Elephant have merely been pointing out the scam, pointing out the manner in which you lose your liberty when you fall for deceptive slogans pumped out through the propaganda wing of a company like GE when coupled with the White House.

  2. TamingAuthor says:

    Sorry, Waylon, I was directing the comment at the Elephant posters, their comments. And many articles, not Elephant management.

    I realize that had you watched Glenn Beck last night you would have posted a number of articles on the problems he brought to light, particularly with respect to the future of Israel.

    And I know you would be shocked at the statements that have surfaced from Cass Sunstein regarding his plan to enforce web sites posting views opposite their own. Major totalitarian talking points coming out of this administration that your readers should know about.

  3. Monkey Pi says:

    Nice try Arthur, but the president doesn't write tax loopholes. Congress does. Do your research. GE gives a lot to democrats, but they give WAY more to republicans. Fail