Partnering with Jeff Bridges to “let all eat.”

Via Bernie Glassman
on Mar 7, 2011
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“Let All Eat” Cafés

How do we “let all eat”?

Wherever I travel, people ask: how could we expand our circle to include those left out? How do we address suffering, isolation and hunger? How do we nourish our needs for wellness, support, inclusion and community? How do we “let all eat”?

Do Something

My response is simple: use the ingredients you have and do something. By sharing our time, love and resources, we could all be nourished like we never imagined. Jeff Bridges, who has been fighting hunger for decades, is teaming up with the Zen Peacemakers to create “Let All Eat” Cafés to feed their communities in ways tailored to each location.  I met Jeff in Santa Barbara in 1999.  This friendship has fostered interesting partnerships.  At our Symposium for Western Socially Engaged Buddhism (video below), he discussed his work to end hunger.

He also invited me to join the set of Tron: Legacy as a consultant for the film, which he discusses in another video.

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For my part, I have developed a set of Zen koans based on the Big Lebowski. We are happy that his anti-hunger works overlaps with my work to create free community meals that are inclusive, diverse and family-friendly.

Inspired by Success

“Let All Eat” Cafés are inspired by the Greyston Foundation in Yonkers, NY and the Montague Farm Café of the Zen Peacemakers in Montague, MA . Accustomed to spending time on the streets, the Zen Peacemakers and I  developed the Greyston Foundation as a set of social services and businesses that meet basic needs and affirm the dignity of all participants. This tradition of blurring the boundary between people being served and people serving continues with the Montague Farm Café, where a mixed income community gathers every Saturday to enjoy free food, activities and wellness offerings. On a given Saturday, there may be hikes in the woods, puppet-making, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and physician consultation. Unlike many soup kitchens, the Café is a family-friendly environment.


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About Bernie Glassman

Zen Master Bernie Glassman is a world-renowned pioneer in the American Zen Movement. He is a spiritual leader, published author, accomplished academic and successful businessman with a PhD in Applied Mathematics. He is the founder of the Zen Peacemakers. Having entered his 70's, he is focussing on the promotion of Socially Engaged Buddhism, the development of Dharma Centers (Zen Houses) in impoverished areas to serve the local population and in nurturing communication and interaction between affiliates of the Zen Peacemakers Sangha.He has an intensive inter-national schedule of workshops, lectures and tours. Read more at


2 Responses to “Partnering with Jeff Bridges to “let all eat.””

  1. Blake says:

    As a Zennie and a certified sustainable grower, I love seeing this happen! I hope to use this as a model for my future endeavors.

  2. What a fantastic concept. Already loved Jeff Bridges and now I love him even more! And Bernie–thanks for sharing and for your work in ending hunger. Look forward to learning more.