March 24, 2011

10 Health Tips For Your Divine K9.

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Top Ten Things You Can Do For Your Dog’s Health.

1. Provide Good Nutrition

Get your dog on a raw meat diet. The hierarchy of dog food is fresh raw, then dehydrated raw, then cooked dog food using human grade ingredients, then canned, and dry is at the bottom of the barrel. The process of making dry dog food destroys most of the nutritional value. For more about raw food, go here.

2. Provide Fresh Water

It’s basic, but your dog needs clean, fresh water. Make sure they have plenty every day.

3. Find a Good Vet.

Find a good holistic vet who doesn’t look at your dog with dollar signs in their eyes. Holistic vets generally have broader perspectives than conventional vets. There are plenty of good ones around. Be selective.

4.  Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean and Keep Your Dog Well-Groomed.

That build up on your dog’s teeth can cause health problems. Keep your dog’s teeth clean. And find a vet who will clean your dog’s teeth without putting them under. If you’re up to it, and your dog is agreeable, you can brush your dog’s teeth. And keep your dog well-groomed, which is important to their overall health by keeping ears clean and open, anal glands expelled, and lessen hair build-up between toes, which can be painful.

5. Don’t Spay or Neuter Too Soon.

More vets are recommending waiting a year before spaying or neutering your dog. The development of the sex organs is critical to the overall health of your dog. Waiting might be a bit of a pain, but worth it in the long run.

6.  Exercise.

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Make sure your dog gets a daily walk, run, swim, playtime or some form of exercise. Many dogs like to be challenged mentally, too. You know what is best for your dog. Exercise is good for the body, good for the attitude, good for the spirit.

7.  Love.

Hug your dog. Pet your dog. Say your dog’s name. Return their unlimited love. Be worthy of their devotion.

8.  Companionship.

Dog are pack animals and thrive on companionship. You are your dog’s companion. Be a caring one.

9. Discipline.

Dogs do better with boundaries. Set them. A dog under control is a dog out of trouble. There are dozens of trainers who can help.

10. Provide a Safe Environment

Create and maintain a safe, clean environment for your dog, one where he or she feels secure and comfortable.

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