March 30, 2011

The Light Bearers.

Photo: Rob Walker

We all know that one person who spreads the light in every corner of a room with their presence. Their attitude, enthusiasm, optimism and inner strength shines like that long lost moon found in a dense, dark forest. We call them the Light Bearer’s.

What does a Light Bearer look like you ask? What does he/she do?

She walks into a room and you can’t tear your eyes away from her. Her laughter and voice are completely engulfing. She’s intelligent, goofy, sarcastic and witty. People are automatically drawn to her because her aura is captivating.

She spreads the light to all who surround her because the lure of her personality takes the tiredness away. She’s refreshing to converse with, to look at and to feel. She lifts your spirits with just a simple sentence or an embracing smile. Knowingly or unknowingly her light reaches to all she touches and beyond.

These are individuals who simply spread the light. They exhibit warmth and comfort that has nothing to do with being an acquaintance, friend or close one. Their presence is soothing enough to make you feel better immediately. You feel you can divulge all your secrets and life history when all she says is, ” Sit…. talk to me’.  Her eyes peer into yours to tell you to be comforted because she will make it better. Her intent listening and quiet face tell you there is nothing to fear and she will provide you with the solace you need.

She has a natural touch of sensitivity that is devoid of constitutional regularities.  There is no prerequisite for her care or attention. Every person and living being is important to her and deserves her attention. Not because she is super human or idealistically superior. But because her purpose in life is to ease the burden of others. Her focus is to ensure a serene calm to those surrounding her. To instill an environment that is, oh so naturally, a gratifying pull.

She is a Light Bearer. You might be one too.


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Read 14 comments and reply

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