‘Oomph’ Up Your Life. 22 Ways to Do It.

1. Start a trend among friends. Use a reusable shopping bag. Grow your own herbs. Get a plant.

2. Watch the movie Earthlings. Bring tissues. Invite friends.

3. Try water therapy. Chug a litre of water first thing in the morning for a week.

4. Go Vegan for 24-72 hours. Spend an hour calculating how many animals you’d save a year by not eating or using products tested on animals or using anything with animal by-products.

5. Set your alarm clock for the exact time of sunrise. It can be magic. Take it up one and combine it with going to sleep at sunset.

6. Limit your time online. Try the 3-time Internet rule – limit checking email, Facebook, Elephant Journal, whatever, to only 3 times a day.

7. For an entire day, do not utter a single gossip about anyone. It can set you free! I love this song!

8. Lie quietly and pray before getting out of bed. Practice gratitude, forgiveness and hope.

9. Fast for one day. Give your digestive system a break. Get excited about it.

10. Bark like a dog for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Release your inhibitions.

11. Have a contest. Have a laughing contest, a relay race in the parking lot or an arm wrestle. When is the last time you had a thumb war?

12. Hug your pet. A study shows that animal companions release a love hormone when played with and cuddled – and, so does the cuddle-er.

13. Take a bath in complete silence. No cell phone, no television and no peaceful nature music. Make it as silent as it can get. Add essential oils.

14. Walk to work. Invite neighbouring colleagues.

15. Share some of your favourite tea with friends or colleagues. Leave a few tea bags at a colleague’s desk.

16. Re-plant your indoor plants. Or give your plants a shower, literally.

17. Change your sheets. Yep, it’s probably time and it always feels great. And, hang your comforter outside.

18. Go from inanimate to animate. For all the daylight hours of a single day, treat everything that you think is inanimate, animate.

19. Make eye contact and smile. Do it every time you come into contact with someone. Anyone.

20. Be Me-Kind. Everytime you look in the mirror, make a promise to be kind to yourself.

21. Take the time to write someone back. Practice sincerity, patience and depth.

22. Take the time to call your grandparents. Or anyone you haven’t contacted in a while. Practice compassion, listening and sharing.

And, let’s not forget to wear sunscreen!

Photo credits:

http://ddppboston.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/silly-animals.jpg; http://bostonbiker.org/files/2009/10/funny-pictures-cat-bubble-bath-trust.jpg

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