April 11, 2011

Permission Granted! 32 Things You are Hereby Allowed to Do

In October of 2007 I told my boss that I needed five weeks off to go to India.

His heart skipped a bit. He said that in America asking for even two weeks is a lot. Three months later and five minutes before boarding Emirates flight 204 to Dubai/Bangalore, that same boss text-ed me a last minute message on the company blackberry: Have fun!

I gave myself permission. It was a directive from Spirit.

Isn’t permission one of those things that leave us wondering about our abilities in the world? Don’t we all lose sleep over having the “right qualifications” “authorizations” “certifications” “blessings” “acknowledgments” “degrees” “fill in the blank”? Therefore,

By appointment of the Royal Self, through the gateways of cosmic blessings, YOU are now and forever given permission to:

1.- Plug all the areas of your life where energy is leaking.  Ashtanga yogis would call this: “Tighten your anus” or “use mulabandha” but we did not want to scare everyone. So think of it in terms of:
(a) who is that person that is draining your energy in every phone-call?  Get rid of him/her if possible and at all costs.
(b) Where is your time going? How much Facebook?
(c) Where is your money going? Create a beautiful and realistic budget.
(d) Is your room/home in order? make it so.
(e) Are you gossiping?  if so, consider not doing so for a while and seeing how it feels. Gossip is the biggest leak, but that is a well kept secret.

2.- Give yourself some sleep and real rest.  You deserve it.  Yes even if you lost your job and have one billion responsibilities. “No sleep no prana”. I said that. Because I can. And because I know is true.

3.- Set aside “me” time, no dogs, no cats, no turtles, no kids, no husband/wife, just You. See if you like the company you keep, or if there are some areas of YOU that you need to make friends with.

4.- Write those morning pages. In her wonderful book “The Artist Way” Julia Cameron urges us to wake up to a page and write whatever comes up. In vomit form. No way to get it wrong.  No censoring allowed. 3 pages minimum. Let it all out.

This was the best advise I ever received especially when it comes to getting on with our creativity and coming up with ideas to re-invent our lives. Nobody has to see the pages you write. Ever. Even if you start with just one line, get in the habit of writing your thoughts.  Make it a nice journal so you are more inclined.  Be aware though, it might soon -as it happened to me- grow into drawing and painting and collage pad.


5.- Believe. You have way much more to give the world than you think you do. Now that the plugs are in place and the energy is being kept within you, re-direct it to creativity. Speak to your soul, ask what it wants from you.  Don’t know how to speak directly to your soul? Here is a sure way to get it talking.

6.- Go a little crazy. Do something outside your comfort zone, now. List three possibilities, do one. Still don’t know? here is one suggestion from Tim Ferris: ask a stranger on the street for their phone number.  You do not even have to like them, you do not need to do anything with the phone number, as a matter of fact you can get rid of it right away. This is just a sure way to get out of your comfort zone.

7.- Know that you are loved wanted and on purpose. Because you are. You are here right now because your own unique way of expressing and synthesizing life is a gift to the world.  It can only come from you.  Let us start by giving it some respect.

8.- You know that dream? that old dream you have of starring in a play? writing that novel? traveling around the world? Fill in the blank?  You are now allowed to do it.  Start it.  “You do not have to see the whole road ahead you just need to take the first step”  Who said that? or something like that? oh yes, M.L.King.

Now you see the naysayer
now you don’t

9.- Vanish naysayers. Once and for all.  They did not read this post yet, so it is understandable they will not like it when you begin connecting with spirit and changing.  Bless them, and keep going.  You are on the path you are intended to be on, “you are on the right track baby, you were born this way“.

10.- Start a blog.  Talk about your passions and find community.  Blogs have the power of getting us interconnected and talking about the things we love to talk about, uncensored, in the raw.  Just remember the only rule of blogging: be true to yourself.  Oh, and yes, you can write, we all can, and it gets better with practice.

She trusts

11.- Trust yourself. Unequivocally, wholeheartedly, fiercely.  Whatever happens today, in whichever way you respond, say to yourself that you did the right thing with the knowledge you have at this moment.  It is all working out.  Trust it. It is.

12.- Speak up.  Nobody can read your mind, at least not for now, in this time of ultra information, so say what it is that you like and what it is that bothers you.  Express it to make your life a better representation of your own integrity.

13.- Respect your needs.  Yes you are human, and no, you cannot go on for three years without a vacation, and no you cannot miss your daughter’s elementary school graduation.  Some things are non-negotiable, if your spirit so dictates. You KNOW when it is non-negotiable, you are fully aware of those things that are your own priorities, those things that nurture you. Listen to your spirit and respect it.

14.- Write that book you have in you. Is that too much? OK, then write the dedication.  Who does it go to? and why?  By the way, these days you can write a 30 page book and sell it.  It all comes down to what spirit is directing you to do.  What is it saying?  Can you feel it whispering? We are now on point 13, it sure must know you are getting in touch with it. Listen! What does it want to do right now? do it!  Let it know you are listening.

15.- Do God’s work. Spend one whole day in the full conviction that everything you do is the work of God and you cannot, absolutely, under any circumstances go wrong. No matter what you do.  Then extend it to the whole week, month, year.   Note, this does not mean you are allowed to do criminal acts. You are connecting with spirit.  If you feel that spirit is directing you to do a criminal activity then you need a shrink. Seek it.

16.- Love your so-called imperfections.  Whatever it is you are not happy with about your body, for example, send it love.  Remember that it is what makes you unique.  Get in the habit of saying ‘Oh you are hot’! every time you catch your image in a mirror or passing window.

17.- Put headsets on, play that song that inspires you and sing it out loud. Dance too.  Nobody needs to see it. Or you can show it off if you want to.  Sing it from your heart, let the voices stop for a minute, and just connect, heart to spirit.  Even better:  Rewrite the lyrics of a song you REALLY like.  Yes that song you love but don’t quite “feel” the words of it. Re-write it so that the tune is still your favorite and the lyrics really make sense to you.  Sing it with the karaoke YouTube version if there is one. Should you upload it on YouTube, costumes and all, please post the link it in the comments.

18. Think and say the three things you are very good at.  You are good at at least three things. Yes you are. Come out of that shell-closet that tells you it is “humble” to never acknowledge what you are good at, it is not, it is reversed-ego.

Once you list the three things use them in sentences. Tell people what you are good at throughout the day and for at least a week.  Then create your own Vogue Magazine Cover with YOU in it. Why are you there? What is your gift/talent to the world? And most importantly, what is your style? How are you portrayed?

19.- Stop looking at negative reviews for a day. Especially if you write and get negative comments, or if your art is criticized. Follow Angelina Jollie’s policy of not reading what is written about her.  Then take it up to a week of not caring what others are saying, how does forever sound?

Nice clean bedroom

20.- Put the house in order, one room per weekend if the whole place sounds too daunting.  While at it, give things away you do not use anymore.  Create space for new beginnings. You deserve it.

21.- Cook something nutritious and wonderful for yourself, include dessert.  You are allowed to nurture yourself, you are allowed to eat.  Trust your body.

22.- Create that comfort drawer where you put things, images, pictures, little mementos, things from when you were a kid. Things that give you energy.  Have it ready for when you need it.

23.- Play.  Is not that hard.  Go visit people with kids, they know how to do it.  Take notes, because you are now allowed and granted full permission to do it.  So make sure to remember.  Also, consider that adults are just bigger kids. I know I am.

24.- Ask God out loud and clear to guide you in this new emergent God/Goddess coming through you. Tell God that your creativity will be expressed, you will put in the work, but what comes out is his or her work, you are just the channel.

25.- Remember that you want to be happy, not authorized, certified, PhD-ed, rich, famous, or otherwise recognized by some outside authority.  You want to connect with your own truth and let it shine.

26.- Write 100 times “I am now allowed to be me”.

27.- Dare to do something new today.  Put on that purple wig, paint your toe-nails blue (I just did). Say “thank you but I will pass” if you don’t want to go to that event. Take the evening off to yourself to just read that book you love.  Write that poem, yes that one, write it.

28.- Create an encouraging banner and hang it on your wall where you will see it every day.  Mine reads “Yes I can” and will be hang on the wall of the house where I practice yoga-asanas.  I have seen people create a banner that says: “Believe”, or “Endless Possibilities”, or “I am flowing with creative ideas”.  What is yours?.  I promise to photograph mine (is a work in progress). When you do yours please share a link in the comments.  This weekend sounds just fine for a timeline.

29.- Change the sheets in the bedroom, buy a new set in a color you would have never ever thought you would.  You could for example buy them in pink and fancy yourself an exotic princess that only sleeps in pink shades.

I like saying you’all

30.- Write 3 things you grant others permission to do, post it in the comments.

31.- List all the people and things you are grateful for in your life. Do not forget your eyes, legs, hands, ability to read, neighbors, etc. Look at that list.  It will probably be very, very long. Say thank you. Often.

32.- Notice where you are. You are standing in a little, tiny planet, that is spinning very fast, in the middle of a vast universe.  What you see is not all really real and you do not ever have to believe everything your mind says.  Things are ephemeral and changing all the time, the only thing that is real is that connection you feel right now with the creator, with your spirit, let it be, let it through.

Whether you think “you can” or “you can’t”
either way you are right. Henry Ford.

I am hoping that you share with me:

  1. What do you grant others permission to do?
  2. What is your encouraging banner?
  3. Which is the song you love but whose lyrics you re-wrote?
  4. And the Vogue cover, could you post a picture?
  5. Also, if you would like to share with me: What are the things you are most afraid to give yourself permission for?

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