May 26, 2011

10 Articles I Want To Write Before I Die.

Notes from post-its, notebooks and scrap paper.

1) I Won’t Eat That Stuff, But I’ll Feed It To My Kids

Exhibit A: Fluffernutter sandwich on Wonder Bread with the crusts cut off. One of my friends said, “I won’t eat it, but the kids like it.” She also said that if she didn’t give it to her kids, other moms would. I have much to say about this, but perhaps until I have children of my own, I shouldn’t be on my high horse.

Please do not defend this “food” with a cry that at least it’s vegan.

Why Your Children Will be Sicker Than You

2) Are We Too Domesticated?

… Little Boxes On The Hillside …

3) Why I Like Younger Men   (Alternate Title: Does Age Really Matter? A Proud Cougar)

One doesn’t have to get too deep about this, but I have thought about it. I can pretty much say I have dated younger men since my mid 20s, I am now 42. The age gap is widening, I am still dating men in their 20s and loving it! My girlfriends in their 20s say they wouldn’t date the men I do because they are artists (read unstable). Great! Less competition.

4) AA Got You Sober, But Now You’re Hooked On Caffeine, Cigarettes, Adderall, Ambien, Red Bull and You’re Still A Mess … I Know, I Know … You Can’t Mediate So I Won’t Ask You To Try.     (Alternative Title: Does Sobriety = Clarity?)

I can spot the speedy, unsettled mind “sober” people from a mile away. Or when they feel compelled to strike up conversations with me by asking if I am a friend of Bill’s while I am meditating riding a subway car. No, I am not a friend of Bill’s, or at least THAT Bill. Perhaps my year and half involvement with a “sober” person opened my eyes and heart to many things.

5) How It Really Works – Living a Conscious Life or Living a Compulsive Life        Co-written with Dr. Miles Neale

I love listening to Miles Neale live or on podcasts. What I have learned from him is that it really comes down to karma and how you choose to live your life. Miles asked me write about this topic with him and this is what I have  thus far …

Have a look at the chart and then ask yourself, “Self … which cycle do I want to live in?” These are the choices according to The Buddha and the yogi texts of Patanjali.

I am going to put it in layman’s terms.

Behind door #1, the Compulsive Life of Samsara, which so happens to be surrounded by stacks of money, a fancy sports car, some Barbie Doll looking chicks, a shopping spree at Barneys, we’ll even throw in a case of Red Bull and Chopin vodka, if that’s the vodka en Vogue these days. What if you could dine at Mario Batali’s Babbo every day for free or eat pizza, cookies and have soda for breakfast lunch and dinner with no side effects? OK, we’d meditate longer if we could have Babbo for free every day. Just kidding, sort of.

6) How Is It When A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings In China It Is Felt Around The World? Impossible!

Answer? Bueller, Bueller, anyone?

7) Sitting In A Hot Shrine Tent Is Good For You (Alternate Title: Why Would Someone Spend $1,700 To Sit In A Hot Shrine Tent In Silence For Four Days As A Vacation?)

This is the lovely shrine tent at the Shambhala Mountain Center in CO. June 30 – July 5 you will find me sitting on one of these cushions.

I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

Sad Joy sitting with three archaryas.

8 ) Darn It! I Missed Barneys New York Friends and Family Day – Get Purple Points, So I Can Shop More! How Could This Happen To Me?!?

I like to reference Barneys NY and I would be an absolute hypocrite if I said I didn’t like Barneys. But when is enough, enough? Give up constantly going for more.

The Yamas can help you with this I want more, craving thing.

All I Want For Christmas is Samadhi

9) Less IS More

10) Guilt VS Remorse

Guilt says I am bad. Remorse says I am sorry.

And if I had all the time in the world, not really article worthy, just baffling …

11) How Is It That You Passed Your Driver’s Test And Are Allowed To Drive?

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