May 10, 2011

Our Solar System: 2100 (cartoon)

Too bad RoundUp resistant weeds aren’t a nutritious superfood or a zero-emission superfuel, considering the weeds now infest about 11 million acres. The coverage of the controversial weed is now five times greater than three years prior, and David Mortensen, Penn State weed scientist, shares, “There is reason to believe this trend will continue into the future.”

If the weed infestation keeps growing apace the approximately 37 billion acres of Earth’s land will be infested in about 15 years and the 9 trillion acres of ocean would take another 25. I just rounded my projection in the cartoon’s title up to the year 2100 because, hey, I’m an optimist.

Obviously my math projections above are in jest, but with studies linking RoundUp to cancer, cell-damage, birth defects, soil depletion, groundwater pollution and more, I’d say it’s time to start looking for a RoundUp-resistant-weed resistant planet.

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