May 3, 2011

Why I voted for the first time in my life at 27 years old.

My views.

I have never felt like I had any connection to politics and still I feel I need to force myself to be interested. Every election, people around me take time to vote for who they believe can change the world and my question was, are you kidding me, you think your little ‘X’ is going to change the world! That is why I never voted. I guess I also felt so lucky to live in Canada and really never felt like I needed to complain or be unsatisfied with anything. When we look at what is going on around the world, I feel like we need to use all the resources, strength and luck we have to help others around the world, but instead all we do is say that he is not doing that right, and I will do better than him, and he is taking advantage of us. In the last three years I have been teaching yoga and I keep telling people ‘I feel that the work I am doing and that I can do as a yoga teacher will make much more of a difference than the little ‘X’ I will put on that piece of paper’. I always try to come back to the big picture and for me the big picture isn’t politics!

Why I decided to vote.

I big part of why I took my butt out of my apartment to vote is because my boyfriend is a huge politics fan and believes strongly in voting, like many people and so I said it can’t hurt to vote, it can just send us in a good direction, because as a yoga teacher I believe my values are quite good for everyone. The other reason is that I felt that there was ACTUALLY place for change in our world. I feel like I voted for something different than the path we have been following for so long. The person I voted for is not only thinking with his brain, but thinking with his heart, and I thought if we could have someone leading us that is leading with his heart, then we can build compassion and change.

A teacher of mine always says, if you want something to change, you need to change the way you are doing things! This year I did something different, I voted, and now I hope for change. What can you do to create positive change on this earth, in this lifetime?

Happy Voting everyone!

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