June 12, 2011

10 Ways to Simplify Life & Enjoy Your Children.

Children crave your attention? Give it to them.

  1. Ditch the make-up: chances are you look nicer without it and your skin will be happier.
  2. Accept a messy house. (Not a dirty house.)
  3. Find some funky hats or scarves for those bad hair days.
  4. Eliminate the television or put a cloth over it.
  5. Wear comfortable clothes for plenty of movement, turn on some music and boogie!
  6. Involve children in cooking – They can chop or grate vegetables, mix ingredients, taste test.
  7. Involve children in laundry – Show them how to load the washing machine and set aside a certain day for “family folding.”
  8. Involve children in cleaning – Using nontoxic products like vinegar and water, give them a water bottle and cloth and let them polish cabinet doors, windows and furniture.
  9. Eliminate a schedule (as often as possible), embrace flowing in the moment. – Outside of work or school, try to keep obligations and activities to a minimum or eliminate them all together for a while. Think simple activities: bubbles, chalk, dancing, singing, coloring, nature walks.
  10. Sit and be with your children, they will thank you!

How do you simplify life, enjoy your children and let yourself become more available to them?

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Read 3 comments and reply

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