Ready For Some Holy Yoga, You Non-Believers?!

Via Jessica Sarkis
on Jun 29, 2011
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The first time I heard about Holy Yoga, they were offering a class at a studio where I taught. The teacher mentioned it during our meeting and I did a double-take. “Holy?” “Yep, Holy Yoga!” The girl was overwhelmingly sweet and positive.

I could not dream of being dismissive to her. She told me I seem like a really nice person. 

Wow, I thought. I’ve been accepted by a Holy Yogi! Growing up Catholic and now a non-religious bohemian in my traditional family’s eyes, I thought, well, I would be allowed to go because of my upbringing. Then I contemplated if she was trying to reel me in…

There is probably something a little strange about a yoga class being so seemingly exclusive and unattainable. Are everyday, atheists, non-pro-lifers, social deviants who regularly practice yoga welcome here?

What do you do in a Holy Yoga class? I had to ask. She told me it is like a regular class except it includes some time for prayer, Christian music throughout, and in the beginning and/or end the teacher reads bible verses. Bible verses. This drew me to deep thought about the origins of yoga itself. The Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras turned over to Psalm 46:10? Poor Patanjali.

Yoga is not a religion but has associations with Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.  It’s very interesting that Christianity came into the mix, and with that, a whole new brand of yoga.

I am not putting these yogis’ practice down; I simply find this group fascinating. I do commend the founder and practitioners for having a source of spirituality they feel most comfortable in relating to, which put them on the path to yoga.

According to the Holy Yoga website, this form of yoga was founded by Brooke Boon, who studied with Baron Baptiste and John Friend before birthing a holy form, in 2003. Classes can be found in over half of the fifty states.

So I never did make it to a class while they were being held nearby. I meant to and am now kicking myself out of sheer curiosity. Hey, next time I’ll take your Holy Yoga class, just don’t make me go to confession.


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4 Responses to “Ready For Some Holy Yoga, You Non-Believers?!”

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  2. Yogini5 says:

    Some of those original yogis, such as Baptiste and Friend, had integrated Christianity in their early teachings.
    Too much religiosity or spirituality does not sit so well with me.
    I had approached meditation and even a form of Japanese Buddhism in a very secular manner, but that's just me.

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