The Sexiest, Um, Parking Lot, in the Whole Wide World.

Via Lopa Brunjes
on Jun 24, 2011
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Canopy is Denver International Airport parking done LOHAS-awesome.  It was birthed atop a landfill in answer to the noble and necessary question, “How can we address environmental issues within the parking industry?”  And with a spring in their step and a sparkle in their eye, they set out to make the greenest parking lot in the world.

This is certainly one of those questions where I find myself thinking, “Oh boy, glad somebody’s doing it…and hella glad it’s not me.”

Parking is usually something that I only think of when I can’t find any.  But it has a footprint, and an impact, and real feelings…Parking is people, too, you know.

This is a LEED Certified Gold facility.  And yet, it’s actually the least expensive of all the parking options at DIA, and some of the best services in the whole airport.  They offer indoor valet.  And their open-air parking is $6/day (cheaper than the Pike’s Peak lot).  Canopy boasts windmills, solar, recycled steel, fr*ee electric vehicle charging stations…yep, it’s pretty much your feel-good, warm-fuzzy…parking lot.

About the best I’ve ever felt about a parking lot.  Now, can they do something about that damn scary blue horse?

And, in case you needed more reason to feel green-happy about parking lots, the Green Parking Council is hard at work transforming many parking lots across the US to bring sustainable best practices to your favorite places to park your clunker, dragon, or stretch Hummer.



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