Walk the Talk – Seane Corn, MC Yogi, Global Glue Love Stunt and Hanuman Founders

Via Jessica Durivage
on Jun 18, 2011
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Hanuman Festival is in full swing.  Attendees are activated – our hearts are open – my boyfriend cried in class today and I have been stuck in the Hot Spot (the official Hanuman Ticker) since Thursday at 9am, tweeting, blogging and waiting for the audio from my Seane Corne interview to get posted so I can SEO that shit all over the place.  I did manage to make it over to Waylon’s Walk the Talk Show this afternoon – the show was supposed to stream live and since that didn’t happen, my partner in crime (Photos by Carl Kerridge) and I are happy to put together this photo story of an amazing show with some bright, high cats.  Enjoy!

Hanumans Founders:Valerie, Yoshi and Cara share what having this festival her has meant to them and encourages all of us to find our own Seva and make a positive change in the world.

Yoga Slackers (and newlyweds), Jason and Chelsea have taken a vow to literally “stick” together for 36 hours.  They are 12 hours in.  This “Love Stunt” is a metaphor to speak to what it really takes to stay together in your relationship and is representing the Global Glue Project, an organization whose mission is love preservation.

Did I mention that Jason and Chelsea have found some very creative ways to express their connection?

MC Yogi laid it down and brought the teachings alive through metaphor, story and prose.

MC Yogi: “Listen to music that is rooted in the heart.”

The beautiful Seane Corn spoke to the many transitions she has had this year from losing her dad to getting engaged and how her self inquiry and remaining honest with moving through her grief, her joy and how they have lived right next to one another

It is a well known fact that Waylon is in love with Seane and she is definitely one of the only people I think can make him blush.

What a great show!  Look for the video posting soon.

Jai Hanuman!


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