Every State but 1 now has an Obesity Rate over 20%. Just 20 years ago not a single State was over 15%.

Via elephant journal
on Jul 14, 2011
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Jon Stewart, yes, weighs in:

Here’s the time-lapse map of American obesity, state by state.


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6 Responses to “Every State but 1 now has an Obesity Rate over 20%. Just 20 years ago not a single State was over 15%.”

  1. dirk b says:


    makes all the sense in the world….

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Stephen B Doctors need to prescribe healthy living before drugs 🙂

    Aimée: Concur…with all the healthy alternatives that we have to CHOOSE from…there must be a deeper reason for this Epidemic…maybe we should visit to Countries in Europe where there is less obesity and low incidence of heart dIsease….hmm mm….wait… we in the USA already know that…

    Lisa B I think there is a deeper reason. I've been reading research on "obesogens", compounds in plastic, pesticides, etc, that can increase the number of fat cells. Scary stuff, but just more proof that processed foods and chemical pesticides/herbicides can't be good for you.

    Robert Z when i watch baseball or football on the tube, male fans in the stands are terribly fat. . some months ago i wandered into a fast food joint and saw that i was the thinnest adult customer in there. men-women and children were pigging out and all were on the chunky side. what a disgrace. i ended up throwing out whatever i bought after the first bite, it was so gross.

    Belinda B.
    I agree Robert-those places are troughs-disgusting. People in the USA are lazy and they eat way too much. Exercise isn't as easy & fun as stuffing chips in your mouth. Kids get fat because they don't play outside anymore and naturally get f…atter as they age. Kill your tv, get rid of the video games, exercise regularly, and eat mainly fruits and veggies. Breads and cereals rarely, occasionally unless you are one lucky skinny person. Also look at product portion sizes sold in the stores here compared to say Japan where there isn't the candy and chip isles we have in US markets. We are piggy portion sized and it shows.

  3. mitchand says:

    And I had to watch an ad for M&Ms to view the clip.

  4. Yoya says:

    I had to watch an ad encouraging parents to feed their kids frosted mini wheats before viewing the clip.

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