July 21, 2011

Truer Signs were never spoken.

“Spotted in Brooklyn.”

Signs to live by.

I’m not a super-positive person, but the older I get, the more I’m down with this positive half-full stuff. It works. It makes sense. Like, today, I was on a big conference call re my talk show getting picked up by a major TV network. Halfway through the conversation, it became clear that, financially, we were on totttttally different pages (ie, they wanted a few pilot episodes for pretty-much-free). Now, I coulda been bummed and depressed and pissed and played games and said FU and cried. I felt like doing all those things. It’s a timesuck. It’s stupid.

But whatever. Being right and righteous, too often, gets us nowhere. So I immediately took the high road. I kept our goal in sight—because, otherwise, my second real chance at getting my little talk show out to thousands upon thousands of people who may not yet know they give a care would go poof. And since my vow is, as a Buddhist, to be of benefit…well, I had to suck it up and see if we could make it work.

Sucking it up, however, doesn’t mean being a pushover. That’s no good for anyone, either. It’s the good ol’middle way.

So you take the high road…

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