5.9 magnitude earthquake rattles East Coasters’ nerves.

Via Lauren Hanna
on Aug 23, 2011
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Unless it’s the changing of the leaves or some major snowfall, the Northeastern part of the United States doesn’t always get its share of exciting mother earth related adventures.

But today, many East Coasters were rattled by the unearthing effects of a 5.9 magnitude earthquake rooted in Virginia.

Fortunately, there appears to be little damage done and no casualties. Despite our nerves, this is considered a small earthquake. The ten largest earthquakes in American History are as follows:

9.2 – Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1964
9.0 – Cascadia Subduction Zone, 1700
8.7 – Rat Islands, Alaska, 1965
8.6 – Andreanof Islands, Alaska, 1957
8.2 – Shumagin Islands, Alaska, 1938
8.1 – Unimak Island, Alaska, 1946
8.0 – Yakutat Bay, Alaska, 1899
7.9 – Denali Fault, Alaska, 2002
7.9 – Andrean of Islands, Alaska, 1996
7.9 – Andrean of Islands, Alaska, 1986

[Source: ABC Action News]

Fox news reported that the Washington D.C. area has a history of quakes, with this being the largest one to ever hit the region.

While I was driving through Bethesda, Maryland at the time of the strike, I barely felt the quakes—thinking it was just a bumpy road.

My parents in Pittsburgh felt the quake, with my father yelling down to my mother in her basement office, “What the heck are you doing down there? The whole house is rattling,” not knowing he was feeling the quakes from Virginia.

While my sister evacuated a hospital in Philadelphia, my boss was driving en route to Pittsburgh and barely noticed the event.

We here on the East Coast haven’t been this excited about mother nature since the big snowstorm in February 2010.

New York Times coverage of the earthquake here

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Did you feel the quakes? Tell us below…!


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3 Responses to “5.9 magnitude earthquake rattles East Coasters’ nerves.”

  1. Rajni Tripathi says:

    I thought it was some mechanical issue in the walls initially until it got worse and i realized everything outside was shaking too!! 1st earthquake experience, was shaken up but everyone got over it soon. Phew!

  2. namastehon says:

    it totally ruined my nap!

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