Book review: Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English (Bhante Henepola Gunaratana)

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This simply and warmly written, straightforward book is a follow up text to 1996’s Mindfulness in Plain English. In Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English, Gunaratana moves the lessons presented in the first book to a deeper and more meaningful level through exploring more powerful states of mindfulness called “jhanas.”

The text does proceed from the idea that the reader has previously read Mindfulness in Plain English, or is familiar with mindfulness trainings and meditations in one form or another, which proves useful when putting the various exercises contained within the book into practice. With a glossary and list of further and recommended reading, Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English is destined to be as much of a classic as its predecessor.

From Wisdom Publications and available at your local, independent bookstore. (Shop local, shop independent, and tell ‘em you saw it on Elephant Journal…it makes a difference!)

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Todd is a single dad of four diverse and lively kids, and is an English teacher and climbing team coach at a local public high school. A rock climber, cyclist and avid reader, Todd also practices yoga and meditation as often as he possibly can, which helps him stay at least a little centered and sane.


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