Isle of Man TT Motorbike racing (video)

Via Tobye Hillier
on Aug 2, 2011
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The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Motorcycle race is legendary in the motorcycle world. It was originally included in the Motorcycle grand prix world championship until 1976, when it was moved to mainland Britain over safety concerns and became the British grand prix.

Now it’s known as the Isle of man TT festival and is a completely unique event. The TT started in 1907 and back then, bikes were averaging around 30 miles an hour, but things have changed somewhat!

My Dad raced there in the 60’s. His last year there was 1970 (The race is held in June.. I was born in March 1971…. I’ll let you do the math!)

Here’s what it looks like nowadays:

And onboard…

As you can see, it’s a road race. Not a lot of safety and if you’re not listening to Ekhart Tolle and living in the present, things will get ugly pretty fast!

And of course then there’s “Mad sunday” where everyone gets to have a go. Watch the speedo…


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Originally from England, Tobye Hillier has lived in Ireland for over 17 years, living in a small seaside town called Greystones 20 miles south of Dublin. A qualified Karuna yoga teacher (RYT 500), Tobye also plays a pretty darn funky 5-string bass guitar and likes to sing in other peoples' showers. Empathic and intuitive, He likes to bend Yoga to suit people and not the other way around.


4 Responses to “Isle of Man TT Motorbike racing (video)”

  1. Arthur Powell says:

    Nice to wake up to. Can't believe there was a timeI'd have wanted to be out there. Those days are gone.

  2. Karen Eliot says:

    Eckhart Tolle my hiney. If you want to Be In The Moment, ride a motorcycle 🙂

  3. yogi tobye says:

    You said it Karen!

  4. yogi tobye says:

    Glad you enjoyed anyway Arthur 🙂