Sell the Vatican, feed the world!

Via Jennifer Cusano
on Aug 25, 2011
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I am going to dip my toes into the controversial topic that is The Vatican City and/or the Roman Catholic Church. To dive in completely, I would have to be a true expert on all of the goings on within The City, including but not limited to finances, charities, jobs, the Pope, etc.—and an expert I am not.

In fact, just poking around a little bit to find the answers I needed to some questions I had proved to be a difficult task—much of what I leafed through was speculation and opinion—not facts—and boy, was there a lot of opposing arguments on just about anything you could think of. I say opposing because for every “answer” I read, there was someone with an in-depth rebuttal just below, and on it went like that down to the end of the page. It was easy to get lost, and even harder to remember what it was I needed, because each reaction made me feel a wide variety of emotions. For that reason, I feel like you need to know that most of this article is more of an opinion—my opinion.

So, here is the video that sparked such an intense reaction from me:

This is obviously meant to be funny, and I did walk away laughing BUT I also could not stop thinking about the valid points Sarah made in between the jokes (she is a comedian, don’t take the vulgarity too seriously please). I don’t think I am suggesting the actual sale of the Vatican, but seriously its CEO, the Pope, lives like the ancient Pharaohs did, and The City, with its complete opulence and unmitigated riches, could definitely stand to spare some amenities.

The obvious argument to be inserted here is that the Catholic church is the greatest force of social justice on the planet, feeding and clothing more homeless people around the world than any other organization, period. Yet I didn’t know until earlier today that any donations received by Catholic charities are from the parishioners of the church, not as a direct contribution from the church itself. So why go through the church at all? What does the church stand to gain, beyond false recognition.

In the year 2000, The Vatican City had $422.098 billion dollars claimed in assets . This article from the Vatican on July 6, 2001 explains exactly how much the church earned and  disbursed that year.

For a state (yes, the Vatican city is the world’s smallest sovereign state) that is quite literally rolling in the dough, it does, in fact, have the highest crime rate in the world. The City had a population of about 492 people in 2006. That year, the country had 341 civil and 486 criminal cases. As if that weren’t bad enough, it is reported that over ninety percent of crimes go unpunished, so these statistics are only referring to convictions. This is complete craziness to me—why have an army of your own if you can’t even properly police the civilians in your census?

It stands to reason that maybe all the art in the museums can be relocated to others around the world, the Pope could very possibly find a new place to live, or like I stated above, buy an entire condo complex if he wanted—and the City could be liquidated to feed the world. It really isn’t such a bad idea. Jesus had no desire to be wealthy, it wasn’t something he thought he needed. I wonder what he would think about the people who work in his name living so comfortably while millions around the world are starving to death. I doubt he would be happy.

Peace Y’all!



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7 Responses to “Sell the Vatican, feed the world!”

  1. DaveTelf says:

    genius? yes.

  2. LOL alot of what Sarah Silverman has to say is pretty smart, people just get all huffy and puffy because she doesn't say things the way people want to hear them..

  3. resourcetherapy says:

    There is no doubt that every major religion has tried since its inception to "take over the world" and there have been many ways they attempted to do this. Anyone who is desperate to feed the hungry should get their body out there and do what they want others to do! lol! the plasma tv sounds like the problem…for Sarah at least.
    What I have found in my own life is that if there is something calling to you, DO IT. Don't just talk about it and make fun of people who are doing it. I have no love for the Catholic Church or the Pope but in spite of that, I recognize that they do some good things. I suspect if everyone who found something that needed changing got involved in making that happen, more change in the directions they would appreciate would come about. I think a lot of this world's woes come from the fact that people are busy criticizing how others are doing things rather than rolling up their shirt sleeves and being the change they wish to see.

  4. ManicHendrix says:

    I agree with the statement above but it’s not like we are all in the cushy position of the Pope- that man could move mountains if he wanted it should
    Be his duty to do so. Great post Jen!

  5. kekko says:

    they should start paying taxes on their properties first ,on buildings and churches they owe all over the world..with that money u can feed the world for the next 200 years…

  6. Thats a really good idea. No church has to pay taxes? I didn't know that.

  7. George says:

    There's even a better way, if not the best way to end world hunger is to everyone go VEGAN. Billions of corn and soy that are grown to feed the livestock could feed the entire world. Over-population and demand for more animal meat would definitely push developing countries to endless starvation especially for the children. If you don't believe this check the facts!