September 11, 2011

NY Event: 9/11 Floating Lanterns Buddhist/Interfaith Remembrance Ceremony

At 6 – 9pm at the South Side of Pier 40 (West Houston St. and West St.) Buddhist priest and Interfaith Center vice president T.K. Nakagaki will oversee the 10th Annual 9-11 WTC Memorial Floating Lanterns Ceremony.

Rev. Nakagaki started the Floating Lanterns Ceremony in 2002. Other religious and community organizations soon joined in and continued the tradition year after year, inviting people of all beliefs to take part. 108 handmade lanterns were crafted by volunteers and will be lit and lowered into the Hudson River.

Below is a schedule of events of for the night.

6:00pm Preparation of Lanterns
– writing loved ones’ names and/or messages for peace

6:30pm Interfaith Ceremony
– Interfaith Prayer and Meditation
– Music Performances
– Greetings and Messages
– Buddhist Chanting for 9-11 victims
and 3-11 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami victims

7:45pm Floating Lighted Lanterns on the Hudson River

Guest Musicians:
Paul Winter (Saxophonist), Shinji Harada (Japanese Recording Artist),
Russell Daisey (Composer, Pianist), Tomoko Shibata (Soprano),
Ailing Sai (Harpist) and Kaoru Watanabe (Taiko Drummer)

The event is free and open to the public. I can’t attend, being in South Dakota, but I applaud Rev. Nakagaki for his work and effort. For more info and video check here.

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John Pappas

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