September 6, 2011

Urban Houseboats.

Small Living in a Big City.

Since embarking on a documentary project about living small, I’ve become obsessed with finding other examples of people who live beautifully in small spaces. On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I was surprised to find these elegant and ingenious examples of urban small-scale living.

Downtown, Amsterdam’s houseboats are mostly reclaimed and antique—refurbished freighters and old tug boats. Newer boats have been built on floating barges in other neighborhoods—some with a modern flair, others with a straightforward and square look about them.

I love these houseboats because they’re an innovative use of urban space. They’re also downright romantic, with small painted doors and planters covering their top decks. Small curtains blowing in the framed windows, just a few feet above the water. A grill on board next to a table for outdoor eating, and a bike or two chained to a tree by the mailbox. A café just steps away on the cobblestoned corner. What more could you ask for?


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