Prayer for our Ancestors and Those Who have Suffered Horrific Deaths

Via Yogi Michael Boyle
on Sep 26, 2011
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Universal Shraddha

It is astrologically auspicious at this time, and for the duration of this moon cycle, to pray for the resolution of all of our Ancestors and for those who have died from horrific and unnatural deaths. If you are interested in joining this effort to assist all beings you might enjoy dedicating the fruits of whatever practice you perform by heartfully reading this non-denominational and universally applicable prayer. (If you enjoy this prayer, please share it so that its merit may be felt exponentially)

May all beings benefit!

I make this offering to uplift all those in my extended family and associates, who are wandering about in spiritual confusion, and have not yet attained liberation.

I make this offering to uplift those who died in infancy, before teething, and to those were still born.

I make this offering to uplift all those who died in great suffering, from terrible diseases, like AIDS, Cancer, infection and the rest.

I make this offering for those who were burnt to death or buried alive, and to those who were electrocuted, or murdered by villains.

I make this offering for all those who were executed, or committed suicide by hanging themselves or by other means, or who died by poison, or weapons.

I make this offering for the upliftment of those who suffered greatly, and were tortured and murdered by wicked oppressors.

I make this offering for all those, who due to their karma, died alone from hunger and thirst in deserted places, or whose death was to due to elementals or hungry ghosts.

I make this offering to uplift all those who are suffering in the various hellish realms and states of being, here on earth.

I make this offering to uplift all those who have been born again as beasts, birds, worms, reptiles or trees.

I make this offering to uplift all those who are now in various states of intense suffering in the realm of the hungry ghosts.

I make this offering to uplift all those being tormented in innumerable ways by the “agents of Death”, in whatever realm they may be.

I make this offering for those to whom birth in a human form has become difficult to access, due to their own karma, and who are born and reborn in countless others species.

I make this offering for those of my ancestors and extended family who are situated in the higher astral realms or upon the earth, who died without transformative rights.

Let all those who are related to me in any way, and who are still earth-bound in the form of hungry ghosts, be satiated by these offerings.

I make this offering to uplift all of my kinsfolk whose names and clan are forgotten, whether they be of my immediate family or not.

To all my friends, to all the animals and plants that touched my life and favored me, to all those who were my companions, throughout my myriad of births I make this offering.

To all those who were my kinsfolk in all my previous lives, to all those who have been deprived of obsequial offerings, to those who had no partner or offspring to remember them, to those who had died without any final rites, and to those who were born blind, lame, or in any way deformed, and to those who died in the womb, for all these, whether known to me or not, I make these offerings for their benefit and upliftment.

Let all beings be satiated by these offerings, whether they be my kinsfolk or not, or whether they were kinsfolk in previous births.

Let all the enlightened goddesses, gods and immortal human masters bear witness. We have come to perform the universal obsequial rites for all our kinsfolk. Be my witness today that I have discharged my duty to all the enlightened sages, the gods and those who are dependent on me.


If you so desire, please remember to share this prayer for the benefit of all, yourself very much included.

May all beings be free from suffering. May all beings be at peace in their hearts. May all beings know their True Nature as unlimited, loving-awareness. Peace, Peace, Peace.



About Yogi Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle, also known as Yogi, is training to be a DHARMA INC Acarya as student of Dharma Bodhi (Adi Yoga). Yogi is a graduate of DHARMA INC's , seven year, “Tantrik Yoga Studies Program” as well as JFK’s masters psychology program. He is a certified Sauhu Therapy Counselor, Primal Ayuveda Health Advisor, Śakta-Śaiva Dharma Teacher and Adi-Yoga Teacher. In 2010, he founded Energy of Mind Holistic Counseling, which offers counseling through the lens of yoga, ayurveda, meditation, etc. all within the context of psychological insight and understanding.


2 Responses to “Prayer for our Ancestors and Those Who have Suffered Horrific Deaths”

  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    Hi Michael – this is quite a very powerful piece!! Where does it come from and what is its origin? I have so many questions regarding its interpretation – I'd love to have a discussion. Wow. Thank you for sharing!

    This stanza: I make this offering to uplift all those who have been born again as beasts, birds, worms, reptiles or trees. Do you know why or can speculate for example, why it is specific to these?

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    Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor
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  2. EnergyofMind says:

    Dear Tanya,

    The prayer comes from within a larger manual for various vedic puja and homa ceremonies. This one is from the rites for "Universal Shraddha" which is to be performed yearly. I have access to these ceremonial procedures through my puja/homa teacher, Sri Rama Ramanuja Acharya. Not to say that they are secret, per se, just that this is where I received these practices and teachings and I am not aware of where (or if) they are available in a public setting.

    My speculation (i.e. NOT authoritative and not from my teacher who would be able to speak authoritatively on the matter) regarding the stanza you mention is that this is just a sampling of species that can generally represent all species born in relatively more limited circumstances.


    – Yogi

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