September 3, 2011

StateDinners: Understanding the 50 States, One Meal at a Time. ~ Marcus Lucas

In his documentary “StateDinners,” German filmmaker Marcus Lucas seeks to redefine the stereotypical image of America by getting to know it the old fashioned way: dinner-table conversation. On a shoestring budget, Lucas travels the 50 states spotlighting the Americans all too often overlooked by the media, discussing a range of issues pertinent to the present and future state of the country. 

You can check out the trailer for “StateDinners” and help support Lucas’ vision on his KickStarter page here.

Via Marcus Lucas:
Celebrating whats great with America, One meal at a Time.
Aren’t you tired of the reputation that America gets from reality TV and films by Michael Moore or the movie, Borat. Don’t you want to see a different America- one that is full of spirit and where nothing is impossible, where community comes before consumerism?    
One man decided to find that America. His name is Marcus Lucas.
Marcus, an aspiring German filmmaker, was interested in the real America. He decided to sell everything he owned, left Los Angeles and spent 14 months driving a truck camper (Esmeralda) through every state. He supported himself and his project through odd jobs and lots of hard work. 

He was filming and interviewing ordinary people who shared their dreams and aspirations for a better future. Instead of talking to politicians or the country’s elite- he sought out people like you and me and asked them to discuss all sorts of topics. Things like the environment, distant wars in Afghanistan & Iraq, the economy, what they value for their communities and families- he even asked them to address President Obama with their dreams for America.
Statedinners, Marcus’ inspiring documentary, shows us a part of America that is rarely seen on television, in movies, in print. His film project is now on Kickstarter.com, a “venture capital” website that allows people like you and me to support Marcus in his effort to finish the film- do the editing, pay for the licenses, do the color corrections and so forth. This is the opportunity for those of you who know the different America to show the rest of the nation (and world) that we are something other than what’s portrayed in the popular media.
Step up with your energy and financial support- give to Statedinners on the Kickstarter website and tell all your friends and family!
Check out the links below to see Marcus’ video… all the helpful background information can be found on Kickstarter.com and will also lead you to his website. 

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