TONIGHT Sustainable Solutions in LA: Trashy Art is Cool. Potluck and Making Art Out of Our “Trash”. Open to Community!

Via Madison Moross
on Sep 25, 2011
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Hey friends in Los Angeles, we’re getting together, bringing out our crafty sides, and gettin’ a little trashy TONIGHT at Radiance Movement in Santa Monica, CA. 

We want to recognize the abundance of trash around us, encourage conscious consumerism, AND also discover and encourage solutions to doing something with what’s already there.

So for this months Sustainable Solutions Group, we will be attempting to make art out of recycled and non-recyclable goods.

This event is open to the community. If you’re artistic, we could definitely use your expertise, and even if you don’t want to do art and just want to come hang out, eat, meet other actively-minded people, and be part of making problems into solutions!

Where: Radiance Movement
Address:  1334 Lincoln Blvd. Suite #140
Time: 6:00 pm
Bring: Clean trash (bags, styrofoam, tin-foil, colorful wrappers and containers, etc.), something to eat or drink, or a donation.
Parking: Street
Please call 720-352-2317, with inquiries.


About Madison Moross

Madison Moross is a dancer, writer, yogini and amateur activist. She is part of The Big P (picture) Project and the co-founder of Radiance Movement, both projects aimed at revitalizing our individual and collective consciousness through sustainability and embodiment practices. She believes sustainability encompasses more than just the preserving the planet, but simultaneously our communities, bank-accounts, relationships, bodies, minds, and spirits; that despite popular perception, our people, planet, and our pocket-books work hand-in-hand quite harmoniously. Her favorite things include people, plants, dirt, dance and food.


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