You Are Part of the Planet!

Via Nan Fischer
on Sep 14, 2011
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After reading an article on the potential extinction of plant life, a few of us environmentalists had an online discussion about ecology. The article talked about how important plants are to the planet, and how they are losing ground due to habitat loss and over-farming.

Our conversation was about how plants and animals are clearly telling us what’s wrong, or trying to anyway. We all agreed that if we don’t pay attention, we’ll be next. It won’t be a rapid demise, but more of a slow painful departure.

We need to change our ways.


I can hardly believe how we are afraid of nature, trying to get rid of it, change it, showing our denial of its importance. Showing our ignorance is more like it.

This is one of my responses in that thread. Just a little reminder.

People don’t realize that we are PART of the planet. We’re not a separate entity. Get naked and go outside. There. Nothing separates you from bugs, plants, rocks or the wind. We are so far removed from nature, it’s scary.

We all have a role in our huge ecosystem, but because humans have ‘evolved’ brains and the ability to ‘reason,’ if you want to call it that, we feel superior to all natural things. We try to control or eradicate them, instead of working with them to keep the natural processes, of which we are ALL a part, intact.

Don’t forget where you are in the scheme of things. You are no better than an ant or an ocean, so get humble and do the right thing. If you need some help, go read my Eco-living Tips section of my blog.

Do it now to save YOUR ecosystem!

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About Nan Fischer

Nan Fischer has been living and building green for decades. She writes from the heart and personal experience, blogging at desert verde, She lives north of Taos, New Mexico with one of two daughters, a dog and a cat.


2 Responses to “You Are Part of the Planet!”

  1. MtnGirl says:

    Sorry, but your "ecotips" are not going to save the planet. www(dot)deepgreenresistance(dot)org

  2. nan says:

    I don't think the planet can truly be saved. If you have seen the photo of the space debris around the earth, you'd feel hopeless. But we can do what we can to conserve resources reduce carbon emissions. We can also try and reduce our population, which is the core reason we are in trouble. Thirty years ago, I read a book that stated the population should have been 2% of what it was in order for our ecosystems to be in balance. I am not going to lead an unnecessary, extravagant lifestyle just because it may not work out in the end. To each their own.