October 3, 2011

First Date with the Gita? If Not, Remember Yours? (Gita Talk 7)

For next week please read Chapters 8 and 9, p. 106-120.

This week I’d like to have a wide open discussion of where you all are in your experience with the Bhagavad Gita.

If you are a relatively new reader of the Gita, please tell us how you’re feeling about it.

–What are the biggest questions on your mind?

–What would help you get the most out of this experience?

–What have you liked the most?  The least?

I personally went through a period when I rejected the Gita after my first reading. So I know how that feels, and I’m anxious to help anyone who might be having the same initial reaction.

If you are an experienced Gita reader, think back on your own first encounter with the Gita.

–What were your first reactions when you were a third of the way through the Gita?

–Did it draw you in, or did it make you want to run?

–Which version were you reading? How does it compare to Mitchell’s?

What can we do here at Gita Talk do to better meet your needs? All feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Or, if you prefer to stick with the text itself, I’ll leave you with this, my favorite passage from Chapter 7. Love to hear your comments and questions:

There is nothing more fundamental
than I, Arjuna; all worlds,
all beings, are strung upon me
like pearls on a single thread.

I am the taste in water,
the light in the moon and sun,
the sacred syllable Om
in the Veda, the sound in air.

I am the primal seed
within all beings, Arjuna:
the wisdom of those who know,
the splendor of the high and mighty.

I am the strength of the strong man
who is free of desire and attachment;
I am desire itself
when desire is consistent with duty. (BG 7.7-7.11)

For next week please read Chapters 8 and 9, p. 106-120.

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