October 9, 2011

If Today You need to Rest ~ Jody Ryan

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Our yoga helps us to discern what is needed on any given day.

At the end of our practice today a student made the comment that she finds my class (one of an 8-session Intro to Yoga series) so relaxing.

“Thanks. That is kind of who I am and the kind of class I teach; calm, gentle, relaxing.”

It’s not for everyone I’m sure, but it is what I hope people will feel when they get up from Savasana (corpse pose) and make their way back into their world.

Relaxed and perhaps strengthened by being a little more in tune with themselves. Maybe even feeling more in union with themselves and others.

I went on to say, as I had mentioned to them on other occasions, there are other teachers and classes available for when they desire more challenge on any particular day along their journey. At least for now, this is what they’ll find with me.

Earlier, taking some time to settle them into class with some guided meditation to bring their attention inwards and awareness to breath, I provided initial information about establishing drishti (gaze or focus) throughout their practice. We moved on in preparation for some warm-up stretches and as most had been laying back along a bolster, I asked them to move into a comfortable seated position. Noticing how they seemed a little groggy getting up I half-joked and said if they felt like it, they could stay laying down relaxing for the rest of the class.

We are all so caught up in busy lives, technology, stresses, conversations, work, demands of our time and attention. If they want to come into the studio, lay down and rest…. I am all for it.








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As I say, … and as my teacher first said to me….

“It is your body, your practice and what you might need on any given day is different.”

If today you find the need to rest, so be it.

Isn’t that what yoga is about? Quieting of the mind. Cultivating inner awareness. Non attachment (to perhaps what others think we should be feeling, saying, doing). Deep contemplation and reflection.

That state where we stop and find union.

Find rest.




Jody Ryan completed her Yoga Training in June 2011 and is currently teaching Intro to Yoga classes at Yama Yoga Studios, Doha Qatar. Being fairly new to yoga but older in life, she hopes to inspire those around her to dive deep into yoga and themselves no matter where they’re at along their journey.

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