Precepts of the Spiritual Warrior

Via Yogi Michael Boyle
on Oct 5, 2011
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Energy of Mind: A Sauhu Therapy

Whether or not you are following a martial path of spiritual cultivation, these precepts are wonderful food for contemplation. They are borrowed directly from oral teachings of Acharya Dharmanidhi, founder of Adi Yoga and Trika Institute, which are both schools for the preservation and dissemination of classical, Non-dual Shaivist Tantra (NST).

The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

1. Selflessness – the path beyond the self

2. Loyalty – the path beyond preference

3. Self-control – the path to spontaneous freedom

4. Gentleness – the path to sensitivity

5. Detachment – the path to wisdom

6. Fearlessness – the path to the full freshness of each moment

7. Impeccability – the path beyond sleep/dullness

8. Cultivation of Spirit – the path of expressing inherent luminosity

9. Dedication – the path of commitment

10. Honor – the path of Vajra Pride

*Fruit/goal: Stillness in action and action in stillness.

These precepts are shared in great gratitude for the efforts of those brave spiritual warriors who have had the courage to cut through the jungle of mental complications, revealing their True Heart of wisdom and compassion, keeping alive authentic dharma traditions. May all beings be free. May all beings happy. May all beings be at peace. May all beings know love.



About Yogi Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle, also known as Yogi, is training to be a DHARMA INC Acarya as student of Dharma Bodhi (Adi Yoga). Yogi is a graduate of DHARMA INC's , seven year, “Tantrik Yoga Studies Program” as well as JFK’s masters psychology program. He is a certified Sauhu Therapy Counselor, Primal Ayuveda Health Advisor, Śakta-Śaiva Dharma Teacher and Adi-Yoga Teacher. In 2010, he founded Energy of Mind Holistic Counseling, which offers counseling through the lens of yoga, ayurveda, meditation, etc. all within the context of psychological insight and understanding.


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