The Most Amazing Brain in the World. {Video}

Via Brianna
on Oct 25, 2011
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“Daniel is lucky. Rare abilities like his usually come with severe mental handicaps.” ~Documentary Film, The Boy With the Incredible Brain

Daniel Tammet was born in England in 1979 with a gift.

He can learn languages in one week’s time.

He has a rare ability to solve massive mathematical equations.

He has recited 22,514 digits of Pi in just over five hours.

How is this possible?

Tammet has savant syndrome, but unlike many people with this condition, Tammet is high-functioning and possesses normal social skills.

Check out these videos:


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2 Responses to “The Most Amazing Brain in the World. {Video}”

  1. Finally says:

    Why ask how is this possible.
    And why not instead say.. see nothing is certain and the world is full of unknown.

    By the way good share. Ep needs this kind of good stuff.

    also check out his TED talk, very good. And his website Optimnem.

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