October 1, 2011

This Brazilian Girl can Dance…

Aniinha – Infinity Fusion [NO EDIT]

Brazilian Free-step, impressive.” ~ Reddit.

“at first I was like, well I can do that,then I was like… oh”

Wait for it…

Another copy, with bonus:

(Scroll to :40 to see her, but honestly, the first dance is mind blowing too!)


with Daft Punk:



Totally different but similar relephant bonus: Kid Has Crazy Rollerblading Skills (youtube.com)


Bonus: This guy’s freestyle dance is so good his moves seem computer generatedOriginal in Comments (youtube.com) “For all the complexity involved with this dance, the lazy susan on the ground move was the most impressive!” “Also, that loose shoelaces was worrying me a bit. Haha.” “Incredible talent aside, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone express so much personality with their choreography.”

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Read 14 comments and reply

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