October 15, 2011

“Women Who Fuel the Revolution”: Gloria Steinem and Worldpulse.{Bioneers}

An emotional and poignant talk highlighting the ways communication and outreach via the internet can literally help save women and girls from a “living hell”.


Jensine Larsen (left), the three Worldpulse panelists, and Gloria Steinem (right).


Jensine Larsen is the founder of Worldpulse, an organization that aims to connect women all over the world so that they may share knowledge and stories pertaining to global issues such as domestic violence, ecological devastation, and intense poverty. Larsen and a panel of three incredibly passionate and perseverant women, were joined by Gloria Steinem, a renowned author and activist highly regarded for her work organizing peace and justice campaigns related to global gender issues and other widespread problems.  Ms. Steinem sees these women as righteous and beautiful ambassadors to causes she has spent a lot of time thinking about.

In many societies, she says, male dominance has become sexualized and perhaps it’s time to “eroticize equality” in order to provoke the transformative and necessary change that may ripple out from improved dynamics between men and women.

Bioneers 2011 with the amazing women from Worldpulse network.

Sarvina Kang of Cambodia, Martha Llano of Colombia, Achieng Beatrice Nas of Uganda respectively shared their stories and participated in a Q & A with Ms. Steinem and Jensine.  Each conveyed their experience with the lasting impressions technology has made in their lives.

The network has made it possible for them to connect with other women, receive invaluable training, and create technological and action infrastructures for “listening to women on the ground” and getting them the help and support they need.

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