November 13, 2011

Boulder Event: House of Genius; Gathering a Community of Problem Solvers: November 14.

With thanks to Steph Lee and the House of Genius crew for sharing this great event:

House of Genius assembles diverse minds from the community for an evening each month of disruptive thinking, supportive input, and creative new ideas.

It is networking with a purpose; to brainstorm and solve problems community entrepreneurs are facing.

‘Genius started a year ago in Boulder Colorado by three local entrepreneurs; Toma Bedolla, Tim Williams, and Collin Adair. The team has since expanded to four different cities, including Austin, Denver, and Singapore.

On November 14th, we are gathering our Boulder alumni for a reunion style event: Boulder Neighborhood 2011 with the goal of giving back to our beloved community. The Boulder Community Foundation will present a pressing community issue to 80-100 ‘Genius alumni and several non profit leaders have been invited as well. Expect a massive brainstorming session; our goal is to make an impact, ignite new ideas, and help our community in every way we can.

House of Genius is a completely volunteer-run, self-funded community service. Our founding team and many other supporters regularly dedicate time to help local entrepreneurs solve problems and inspire leaders in our community to learn and share. Our participants regularly tell us that this is the coolest, most valuable meet up they’ve ever attended. You’re not just there to meet people, you’re there to solve a problem, ignite new ideas, learn learn learn (!) and become part of a growing network of diverse professionals.

The Genius is in the Collective; come contribute and change the world. One ‘Genius session at a time.

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