Damn Illegal Immigrants.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 23, 2011
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New New Yorker cover.

Happy Holy-days!

PS: Diversity is a false liberal ideal. When Europeans invaded America and killed and raped and pillaged the Native American culture we found here, we created much more diversity.

Genocide is a great way to get diversity.

PC liberals always bemoan the lack of diversity in Boulder;

I first say well partially that’s because we were never a slave state. Good thing, right? Right, they shrug.

Then I ask them if they think it’d be great if we magically could return these lands to the true Native Americans and leave and undo a century or two of genocide? Yes of course, they say.

I reply: Then there’d be no diversity—it’d all be Native Americans. Would that lack of diversity be a bad thing? Silence.


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