Sex in the 80’s – Music

Creativity is a funny thing.
One bit leads to another.
In the course of writing my book Maya Noise, this piece of music came to me as an atmospheric for the chapter about sex. Specifically the part about sex in the 80′s.
So I recorded it, slapped it together with some images from the period, and here it is for you audio visual pleasure.

For me it evokes nightclub air thick with a hundred perfumes that mixed together to smell like maybe . . . maybe tonight, maybe her. . . or her . . . or maybe her.  Shoulder pads cutting swerving arcs on the dance floor as we stamped the sexual tension out to the beat.
A chance to make an impression for the slow set.
Straining pants and ultraviolet kisses
and pixie boots.

The music is two minutes and forty six seconds long.  Longer than sex took back then but the anticipation went on for eternity.

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John Dalton

Born in the craggy foothills of suburban Dublin John Dalton staggered along the spiritual path until he got himself enlightened in 1996. Deciding against a career as a celebrity guru he became a cranio sacral therapist instead. His first book Why Do We Get Sick? Why Do We Get Better? A Wellness Detective Manual is an undo-it-yourself book for sickness and unhappiness and is popular with people of all ages.

His latest book Maya Noise describes what happens after enlightenment and what it’s like to live an ordinary life with extraordinary knowledge. It reads like The Power of Now meets Pulp fiction and has become a firm favorite with spiritual teachers and gurus the world over.

Passionate about cranio sacral therapy he oversees a project called Open Source Cranio which aims to provide free online cranio sacral training resources for people in developing countries. He lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and smiles a lot when cycling.

You can see all of his Elephant Journal articles here. He also tweets and has recently discovered talking about himself in the third person is disturbingly easy.