Start your day with water & lemon. ~ Dr. David Jockers

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on Nov 28, 2011
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Although it seems counter intuitive, adding lemon to your water makes it alkaline! Trying to keep your body as alkaline as possible is the best thing you could do for yourself. If you’re unbalanced and overly acidic, your bod can play host to all kinds of illnesses / diseases. Including inflammation, cancer, vagina problems…

I recommend lemon water first thing in the morning, (hot or cold) to get the gears grinding (better than coffee!). Plus it tastes good. Make sure you’re using fresh lemon though, store bought “lemon juice” with additives won’t get-er-done…”

(NaturalNews) Clean water and fresh squeezed lemon is one of the most well tested energy boosters around.

Most people in America rely on caffeinated beverages like coffee to get aroused in the morning. These adrenal stimulants produce dirty energy in the form of blood sugar swings and oxidative stress. Water with lemon produces clean energy by hydrating and oxygenating the body to extraordinary energy and mental clarity.

After sleeping through the night the bodily tissues are dehydrated and need clean, pure water to filter out toxins and improve energy production in the cells. Most individuals turn to stimulants like coffee in the morning to give them a jump start. Unfortunately, coffee is a diuretic that depletes your body of water reserves and essential minerals and electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium & magnesium.

People feel energized by coffee due to the effects of caffeine on the adrenal glands. Coffee stimulates these organs to pump out instant energy hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. These hormones stimulate the body to breakdown stored sugar and release it into the bloodstream. This process causes abnormal blood sugar that increases oxidative stress, free radical formation and overall tissue damage.

This is called dirty energy because it produces a rampant amount of damage to the body in order to activate energy formation. Clean energy produces cellular energy without an excessive load of oxidative stress.

Food as Bioelectrical Energy

The food and beverages we eat provide electrically charged molecules that initiate energy production in our body. An ion is part of a molecule that carries an electrical charge. Positively charged ions are called “cations,” while negatively charged ions are called “anions.”

Most of the food we put into our bodies comes in a cationic form, while our natural digestive processes (hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes, saliva) are anionic. Lemon is one of the only anionic foods on the planet. This means that it carries a very strong negative charge and is extremely electrically active.

Fresh lemon helps oxygenate the body and maximizes enzyme function. Lemon is known to stimulate the liver’s natural enzymes. This assists the liver in the process of dumping toxins like uric acid and of liquefying congested bile ducts.

Citric Acid Cleanses the System

Citric acid can also play a very important role in chelating out abnormal calcium stones. It has a unique ability to form soluble complexes with calcium that many have used to eliminate pancreatic stones and kidney stones. This mechanism can also help prevent calcium deposits from building up in the arteries that promote cardiovascular disease.

Clean water with lemon provides the body with hydration, anti-oxidants and electrolytes. Lemon is a rich source of the immune boosting vitamin C. It also has good quantities of electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Lemon is a tremendous source of citrus bioflavonoid anti-oxidant phytonutrients that have been given the label Vitamin P.

Vitamin P consists of the flavonoid glycosides hesperetin and naringenin among others. Studies have shown that vitamin P enhances the anti-oxidant capability of vitamin C. These bioflavonoids also improve capillary permeability and overall blood flow. This is especially important for oxygenating tissues and maintaining normal blood pressure. These anti-oxidants have also been shown to reduce swelling, venous backup and edema.

Upon rising take 1 full lemon and squeeze it into 16-32 oz of fresh clean water and drink. Be sure to eat out the membranous parts of the lemon where the majority of the pectin fiber and citrus bioflavonoids are located. Stevia can be added to form sugar-free lemonade. Apple cider vinegar and various herbs can be used to boost enzymatic and anti-oxidant potential.

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Dr. David Jockers owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Ga. He is a Maximized Living doctor. His expertise is in weight loss, customized nutrition & exercise, & structural corrective chiropractic care. For more information go


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71 Responses to “Start your day with water & lemon. ~ Dr. David Jockers”

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  2. guest says:

    I like to drink warm water with lemon and honey in the morning. Will brown sugar make a good substitute for honey?

  3. […] half of a lemon into a mug of warm or hot water. Sit quietly as you sip and contemplate the day ahead of you, instead of the usual […]

  4. Todd Wright says:

    I am heavily inclined to agree with your assertion that our body removes toxins just fine on its own.

  5. Nicole Weinberger says:

    I have coffee first and then water and lemon. ;D

  6. Birdie says:

    try maple syrup and a tiny pinch of cayenne, it's delicious!

  7. Liz says:

    I have a hypersensitive reaction to citrus fruits- they give me migraines, is there anything else I can put in my water instead? Also I have a concern about the level of acidity affecting tooth enamel ? Can anyone help with this?

    Many thanks. Lx

  8. Crystal says:

    Your body can detox itself if you eat healthy in the first place, live in a pollution free environment, and live organically perhaps. I think that with all of the garbage we put into our bodies and that exists In our environment we need these types of cleanses, otherwise we end up with long term health problems.

  9. Guest says:

    I have been Told for females not to take the lemon and water combo daily in the morning as it hurts the fertility or gives issue in pregnancy related stuff or organs Can you put a light on it

  10. Curious Guest says:

    what Are you trying to say ? please elaborate your REASON of being Appalled

  11. guest says:

    I have heard that lemon becomes Alkaline when put in the body as combination of water and lemon

  12. guest says:

    wow new for me about grain and milk hmmm interesting

  13. Jim says:

    I think the way to start the day is with 8 ounces of appropriately filtered water….no need to add anyting at all.

  14. Jane says:

    Try apple cider vinegar…I use 1 TBSP with 12 – 16 oz water…make sure it is real unpasteurized apple cider vinegar from a health food store.

  15. Emily says:

    Plain hot water without lemon will flush toxins as well as help get the bowels moving first thing in the morning. It also assists with stroking the digestive fire as hot water is considered helpful for this according to ayurveda. Lemon assists with all of this but if your body is having a negative reaction, obviously it will not be helpful to you.

  16. Kaylee says:

    I’ve been drinking hot water with lemon in the morning in addition to oil pulling with organic coconut oil. Oil first for 20 minutes, brush my teeth, then lemon water. My teeth have been more sensitive lately. Should I not be doing both of these things on the same day or am I doing them out of order?


  17. Jessica says:

    I agree. In an ideal works, yes, our bodies wild be perfectly capable of detoxification. However the processe food industry, pesticide industry, factory farms, environmental toxins, etc. have grown at a higher rate than evolution can keep up with, so our bodies need some help removing the crap we dump in it, consciously or otherwise. This isn’t some magic formula, its parts are just explained in a way that make it seem so. Knowing the components of your food and why they do your body such a favor or disservice, depending on the food, means you’re educated, not believing in detox voodoo or whatever.

  18. Cody says:

    I know and talk to Dr. Jockers at least once every quarter. I attend Life University where I'm enrolled in the Doctor of Chiropractic program, which is not far from his clinic. Your teeth are probably more sensitive because you are doing these things in a different order than you should.

    1) Start with the lemon water and get your organs, metabolism, and energy a jumpstart. For those of you who say you have stomach problems, maybe try adding less lemon juice. I normally do 1/2 lemon. If that doesn't work, try raw apple cider vinegar instead. You can eat after this, have a smoothie or bulletproof coffee which I recommend and he's mentioned in a few articles (

    2) Start oil pulling. First of all, this works amazingly as a form of detox, natural teeth whitening, and other benefits as well (even healthier hair). Christian above was correct about the Dentist advice. The acids from the lemon is hard on your teeth. You should be doing something to remove the slight bit of lemon juice on your teeth after drinking the water. Thus, oil pulling after drinking/eating. By doing so, you remove those acids from your mouth and toxins in your body. Never swallow any of the oil as it is full of toxins and microbes. Also, spit into the toilet to avoid clogging your sink when the oil cools. Then, put a cap of hydrogen peroxide or Himalayan salt into clean water and swish to eliminate any toxic debris remaining in your mouth.

    3) Finally, go ahead and brush your teeth. This will finish off the removal of the remaining coconut oil and toxins in your mouth.

    Doing these things in this order is the better way to do it. Most people notice the health improvements within two weeks of beginning the oil pulling process alone. Dr. Jockers has an article on his site explaining oil pulling, the process and the benefits as well (

    I'd suggest Dr. Jocker's page to anyone who was interested in living a healthier lifestyle. It's worth signing up for the free e-mail newsletter he has as well to receive the frequent articles he writes. He's helped a lot of people down here with all kinds of problems and diseases get back to living life at their fullest potential. I hope this response and the links helped you and everyone interested!

    Take Care Everyone!