December 25, 2011

10 Ways To Connect To Your Inner (s)Elf.

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Do you remember being a kid during the holidays?

Every December was the best month of your entire life. Maybe a good portion of that was fueled by our own greed, but I’d like to think that being with our families and feeling a bit of extra love from those around us had something to do with that magic. As we aged, what happened? The magic disappeared, and in its place stood the following: Traffic, family stress, bills, travel, and gaining five pounds or more in a week. Oh, and the depression of realizing that we would never be fortunate to wake up Christmas morning with a Lexus in our driveway sporting a giant red bow.

This is notoriously the month that brings about the “Holiday Blues” and I’m here to ask, what if this year was different? What if this year you tapped into your innermost childlike self and had a healthy, joy-filled blast? You know, actually had a ‘December to Remember’ experience. I came up with 10 ideas that are sure to make the holidays a bit brighter, so whip out a pen and paper and keep score of your Yuletide Youthfullness.

What if you decided to…

 1. Go Sledding.

Find the steepest hill, get one of those truly kick-ass super slick disc sleds, and whip down the hill as fast as you can. Bonus points if you then jog back up the hill because you’re so excited to do it again (and again! and again!) instead of grumpily trudging up the incline with as much zest as you have approaching the stairclimber at the gym.

2. Make Cookies.

Not the kind that come in a tube next to the butter at the supermarket, and maybe not even the kind that is gluten-free and could be deemed as “good for you” food, maybe something with a little bright coloring and sprinkles and all sorts of crazy decorations. Purchase a slew of cookie cutters if you don’t have them. Only eat two cookies, because remember you’re acting like a kid and kids get full sometimes. Bonus points if you lick the bowl clean.

3. Go Ice Skating.

Ah, remember the days of playing in the cold and not even noticing the cold? How about channeling that energy and getting out there to ice skate. Maybe you’ll find a peaceful lake and get to appreciate the calm beauty of the season, or maybe you’ll find yourself at a pond filled with rowdy children in the midst of a hockey game you can join in. Bonus points if you don’t fall. Double bonus points if you fall several times and laugh it off and have a great time as you continue to skate. That’s what arnica is for.

4. Make Snowbeings.

Make a man, make a woman, make a SnowGI, but either way make something. Take pride in sculpting to perfection. Spend hours crafting away. Bonus points if you exert fantastic calmness when the thing melts and you have to work on the “letting go” process.

5. Start a Snowball Fight.

There’s no need to shoot someone’s eye out to have a good time. Find a day that has the good snowball makin’ kind of snow and get everyone outside for movement and laughs. Bonus points if you don’t get hit at all. Double bonus points if you get hit more than anyone else and you laugh about it a lot. (Ahem…arnica!)

6. Perfect Snowflake Making.

Grab your favorite kiddie and sit down with some scissors and paper and cut away, preparing to make the house a magical scene of winter whimsy. Bonus points if you get to a craft store and purchase origami paper for the process, then Youtube videos on how to make the perfect snowflake. Double bonus points if whip out an x-acto knife and funky scissors to make over 50.

7. Watch Classic Holiday Movies.

These are the days that beg you to curl up on a couch, near a fire, under a snuggly blanket, with a marshmallow-filled hot chocolate in hand. You must indulge in such sluggishness for at least one day. Bonus points if you get a kid to watch an old flick, teaching a new dog old tricks.

8. Wear an Ugly Sweater.

What a blast it would be to make a trip to the Salvation Army to try to track down the ugliest, gaudiest sweater you can find. Bonus points if you have a party with friends to show off your sweaters and you win a prize for the ugliest one.

9. Get Excited About Presents.

Allow yourself to feel the excitement fill you up. Not for the present itself (if you can’t dig that shallow) but for the joy of someone loving you and wanting to spoil you some. Rip it open with as much zest as possible. Seriously, who cares about the wrapping job or saving paper neatly or trying to look like you are calm. Let your excitement burst out of you. Bonus points if you get that excited about giving a present.

10. Make Your Own List.

It’ll be better than mine, because it will be yours and it will be filled with all of the fun stuff you did in December as a child. Bonus points if you actually do make the list and do a few things on them. Triple bonus points if you write here to tell me all about it in juicy vibrant detail.


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