A Love Poem to the Soul beneath the Addict Cloak. (Vintage nude photo)

Via Alexandra Folz
on Dec 21, 2011
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Loved one, I see through your cloak of torment
and its manipulative wafts
luring others to partake in its suffering.
I see YOU, your soulful flare
laced with billowing love.

But as long as that cloak walks in the room before you,
I will choose another experience.
I will not chase you around the wheel dizzily spinning out of breath.
No, now I step off and wait for you to tire,
hunched over by your heavy load.

I will courageously stand over here,
holding the knowledge that your truth suffocates
beneath that versatile illusion.
I will stoke my truth with love filled fire balls
knowing I cannot force my awareness onto you.

I will BE how I feel
when I see past your shadow costume
into the light of your soul.
No matter where I am, I can BE that…

I wonder…
Will you feel me across this ocean?
Will you shed your blinding burden and
embody the luminescent underside of your disguise?

No matter the answers, my truth is clear.
Until you choose to bare your soul,
I will be the silent wave loving on your distant shore.

Alexandra Folz



About Alexandra Folz

Alexandra Folz has a Masters in nursing and is the author of The Heirloom. This magical/fantasy chapter book for ages seven and up shares a mystical secret with kids about awareness and its ability to reveal one’s gifts and inner wisdom. Alexandra dedicates her moments to motherhood, meditation facilitation, and intuitive readings. Catch up with Alexandra on her website.


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  2. goodkarma15 says:

    love this!

  3. Grateful it resonates with you, GoodKarma!

  4. Ali Solomon says:

    Thank you. This is beautiful. Truth chills and teary eyes.