December 19, 2011

Eco-Beauty Review: Malie Organics, an organic perfume oil to love. ~ Jen Murphy

A perfume oil to love

I have to admit right off the bat – I’m not a fan of most perfumes. I can’t stand synthetic fragrances. And I think most floral scents are cloyingly sweet. But I opened my mind and my nose to try the new Malie Organics Perfume Oil in Pikake and was pleasantly surprised to like it, a lot. It has just the right amount of scent, and the wear is great throughout the day. Not overpowering in the beginning (like most perfume oils), it changes to deepen and become more subtle after hours. It starts off sweet, but not too sweet, slightly fruity, and develops a hint of spice. Its top note is definitely jasmine but a more mysterious and peppery note comes in as you wear it. The pikake flower is a Hawaiian jasmine, there known as the flower of love. And this perfume oil lives up to its namesake.

The scentual experience

Not being a much of a perfume wearer, I also had my daughter, who is much more sophisticated than I in this area, wear Malie Organics new perfume oil in Pikake. This is what she had to say of her experience:

It makes me think of sitting under a flowering tree next to a stream, rich with fresh blossoms. This is not a hippy perfume; there’s no patchouli or any other earthy scents. It’s what perfume should smell like, like a subtle complement to inner beauty.

~ Meg Moody

When you wear a certain scent it puts you in a certain mood. Earthy tones such as patchouli are typically seen as “hippy”, whereas Chanel No. 5 is seen as “classy”. This pikake perfume oil is youthful with a subtle complexity that speaks of a knowing without being jaded. It’s softly sexy with a clean feeling that doesn’t remind you of laundry detergent. There’s a freshness to this scent; it’s signature is unique, it’s new, it’s novel for a perfume that’s based on one of the most popular flowers in the world (wikipedia lists the species name for this flower in 32 languages). You want that in a perfume because you are unique and your scent should reflect that.



Organic oils and Hawaiian hydrosols

Located on the island of Kauai, Malie Organics is known primarily in the spa world as a line of sumptuous tropical aromatherapy and body products. All natural ingredients are sourced in Hawaii, organic whenever possible or wildcrafted. This line of perfume oils is their newest offering, combining rich base oils and Hawaiian hydrosols. Hydrosols are an unusual way to do natural perfumes, most taking the route of the essential oil. These delicate floral waters capture the true essence of the flower, its very soul, and all its benefits at the molecular level. Each hydrosol is a like a physical hologram of the entire plant from root to leaf and flower to fruit.


And their clever packaging looks great hanging from a Christmas tree. You might want to ask Santa for your favorite flavor . . .

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