Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed (again).

Via Joe Mohr
on Dec 9, 2011
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Joe (aka "Mean Joe Green") is a painter, illustrator, cartoonist, writer (ROBOT+BIKE=KITTEN), beekeeper, father and hubby who enjoys travelling, biking, walking and hiking. Joe’s environmental articles and cartoons can be found on Elephant Journal, Yes! magazine (print and online), Urban Conversion (PBS), The Center for Media and Democracy, Greenpeace, Natural Papa, Eco Child's Play, Ecolutionist, Ecopolitology, PlanetSave, and a few others. He also does an environmental kids cartoon series called “Hank D and the Bee”on NaturalPapa, EcoSnobberySucks, and EcoChildsPlay. Joe is proud to be the #1 individual cartoonist that shows up after Googling "Monsanto cartoon". Visit Joe's cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and Stumble Upon page.


8 Responses to “Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed (again).”

  1. Love this! Really sums up that whole crew…they don't seem to care & just keep quoting O'Reily, Beck, Coulter, etc.

  2. jay says:

    Though not a Fox news viewer, ok, maybe 3 times in 7 years of having cable tv. I have spent a bit of my career analyzing and developing polling questions and working to randomize selection groups.

    Though the selection criteria is lacking and the actual polling questions were absent. It looks like 6 of the polls were very subjective and not really ascertaining the accuracy as to fact of a viewer.

    Let me pick one as an example — "climate change".

    First of all, "climate change" has occurred since — the beginning of the earth as a planet. No one really questions that the climate on earth is naturally changing, in perpetuity, do they? The question is probably ascertaining what percentage is "man-made" and not "natural". A whole different sort of debate.

  3. Brent Smith says:

    What Jay said. The fact is the oh so delusional liberal media is on a witch hunt to help improve their low viewer polls. So why not create a very subjective and maniputalied survey to hurt their greatest threat- fox news. The real fact of the matter is that tej and viewers Take this fabrication as fact. One more reason why our country is staggering. You people believe everything you hear or read…..

  4. Brent Smith says:

    But I do disagree with Jay on global warming. Having worked for the USF in Antarctica I believe there is no doubt the current climate changes are different and dangerous than historical changes…

  5. Susanne says:

    There is no such thing as liberal media any more. Most news outlets are owned by mega-corporations who are largely GOP contributors. Fox News even had a clause in their contract added that they can report opinions as actual news. Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch…an EXTREMELY large contributor to the GOP. He also owns News of the World, the British tabloid who has recently been in the news for tapping into thousands of innocent people's cell phones and computers. When I studied journalism ethics in college, I believe this would have been a no-no. And, who is it that keeps shoving the idea of "liberal media" down your throat….? None other than Fox News. You are brainwashed if you believe most of what Fox News reports.

  6. Joe Mohr says:

    In a debate, one can argue both sides of any story and appear intelligent…EXCEPT when in defense of Fox News. There is no defending that bullshit factory. When you do so, your comments lack any validity…
    Any response I've ever read from a Fox Newsie in defense of their beloved talking heads is never fact-based, but ALWAYS opinionated and angry.
    You're a lovely bunch.

  7. […] and, while Ailes’s has delivered impressive ratings, the Fox News audience consistently ranks as the most misinformed of all TV viewers. Issues such as the Iraq War, immigration, healthcare reform and climate change […]