December 27, 2011

Got Presence? ~ Rossana Jeran

Most of us are freezing this time of year (even here in California!) as we find ourselves approaching the first day of winter, the holidays and the annual winter solstice. Yeah, yeah winter, the holidays and the what? The winter solstice.

A solstice is a non-denominational, celestial event that happens twice a year, when the axial tilt of the earth’s rotation reaches the furthest point away from the Sun at its orbits.

Shift happens 🙂

Usually occurring in the northern hemisphere between December 21 – 23, it falls right in the middle this year, on December 22.  A significant day, marking the return of the sun’s orbital path and a reversal of lengthening nights and shortening days…Hurray, soon it won’t be dark at 4pm!

The word solstice breaks down into Latin with “sol” meaning sun and “sistere”, meaning to “stand still”. At the time of winter solstice, which only lasts a few moments, the sun’s position in the sky reaches its northernmost extreme, making December 22, the shortest day and longest night of this year! Brrrrrr!

But look at it this way: While we shiver our butts off, hustling to and fro with errands, last minute, holiday everything, the sun is quietly reborn, increasing light daily on the northern hemisphere, as we reach for summer once again. Definitely a time to show a little respect to the Sun whom without, our lives on earth would cease to exist.

And yes, while the sun sustains life on our planet, it’s the simplest things we would miss. Imagine never again feeling warm sunshine on your face, through a window on a cold winter’s day.

But, the best part of all? The Sun is older than any religion on the planet so, we can put aside our beliefs and politics, because we can all agree that we share a Sun, our star and we need its warmth and light.

The Sun shines for everyone!

So, let’s reconnect with ourselves, pay homage and celebrate the return of the Sun with a little yoga and a Sun salutation.

Sun salutations encourage presence and Mindfulness in the moment, while invigorating the body, creating energy and vitality for the day. We can all use that for the holidays and beyond!

So, when you’re ready, grab your mat, some water and hit play to join me in a winter solstice, Sun salutation.

Photo Credits: youforie.com

Two years ago, Rossana established Fit Conscious Happy and created innovative, interval based works out that blends yoga, isometrics, cardio, weight training and Mindfulness meditation. These effective workouts are proven to improve cardiovascular performance, burn fat, tone and strengthen muscle. Fit Conscious Happy offers fully programmable iPhone Apps and downloadable, 30 minute workouts for the computer or iTunes. Perfect for the busy person, family, traveler or student on the go!

Certified Sacred Breath/Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Teacher
Personal Trainer + CPR certified
Spiritual Counseling Certification – pending

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