December 3, 2011

How do you Live your Four Desires?

Rod Stryker’s Four Desires (4D) Virtual Book Club
Chapter 6

It still amazes me how writing about yourself teaches you so much and allows you to go so deep (if you really want to).
Rod structures the Dharma Code chapter in such a clear manner that when I first read it, I thought, “this is an easy step by-step approach, no biggie.” But of course, it’s a biggie! Your Dharma Code is the expression of your soul’s purpose.

The process of writing a Dharma Code starts with imagining your best possible life. This is something some of us could spend years imagining (but never doing). For others it seems unreachable, so why even try? Understanding our Dharma Code will open us up to the endless potential held captive by our self imposed restrictions. The following is a process towards unlocking your Dharma Code and as a result, enjoying your best possible life.

The next step in the Dharma Code process asks us to write about that life in the voice of those closest to us. We must look at it from the perspective of the four desires: dharma, artha, kama and moksha. For me, this step made that imaginative life flourish in my mind. I felt like this life was a possibility.

The point is these exercises are really life changing but we need to allow ourselves to speak as honestly as we can. Some of those honest words used in the short stories you create are key in formulating your actual Dharma Code.

“Reading your Dharma Code out loud to someone and getting his or her input on its clarity can be a powerful step to arriving at your final Dharma Code.”

I couldn’t agree more. The best part of this process for me was the group of yogis that were available to listen to my whole list (and it was long) of the “words and phrases that were most compelling” and to listen and dialogue about my Dharma Code. They didn’t just agree, they challenged me to really choose words that made this Dharma Code a true call to action. One of my Super Yogi pals said “it should have an edge.” This statement resonated with me, and I gave it a little edge, for myself.

Notice I didn’t share my Dharma Code with you in this post; I want to remind everyone that in the early stages of your Dharma Code uncovering, this is something you should share with people who are close and can listen with loving constructive criticism. When it starts to become clear, you just live it.

I will leave you with Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s Dharma Code: “To serve, to love, to give.”

There will never be a storm
That can wash the path from my feet,
The direction from my heart,
The light from my eyes,
Or the purpose from this life.
I know that I am untouchable to the force
As long as I have a direction,and aim, a goal:
To serve, to love and to give.
Strength lies in the magnification of the secret qualities
Of my own personality, my own character
And though I am only a messenger,
I am me.
~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati
This week, let’s dialogue about the process of writing these observations that discuss each of your four desires.  For now, we will focus on these observations and leave the Dharma Code for later.How did this process make you feel?Which desire did you like or dislike writing about?


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